Wie is AFC Adam?

On 02/11/2010, in overige, by admin

Voor degenen die zijn niet van mij gehoord, ik geslaagd om samen te snijden een paar clips van mij in het veld. 2007 was een gek jaar voor mij, En ik heb hoge verwachtingen voor 2008. Ik heb een fascinatie met het begrijpen van wat ons drijft om te worden aangetrokken tot anderen, en ik […]

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25 Responses to “Wie is AFC Adam?”

  1. DirectSeduction says:

    Craig could destroy AFC Adam in any Day game scenario

    Check out his video v=G2lvod9yKBs

    or directseduction.co.uk

  2. MrSammyboy1982 says:


  3. Pedraocmb says:

    he’s the best..

  4. smo1765 says:

    yeah dude, you need to come down to New Orleans

  5. CAMCABO4KAX says:

    man you’re awesome, i hope u don’t mind, but I’m using your moves from the dancefloorgame-vid all the time and they’re fcucking great xD

  6. boab23 says:

    LONG LIVE AFC ADAM !!!!!!!
    nd buddy btw mexican is a country not a language

    you probably knew tht already but just in case…..

  7. luismendezs says:

    I wasnt talking about that but as everything, this is going to get OLD. New ways to run game? New ways to sell game….i dont know, i guess im just not that naive.

  8. Bloodymuddy says:

    That shows right there you don’t fully know what its like to be successful in Pua. Do you see a guy saying “Oh because of Rich Dad Poor Dad, there are gonna be too many rich people in the world.” Pua is about educating yourself and most people don’;t think twice about it.

  9. Coolcatsaborn says:

    Hot girlzzzzz, RESPECT

  10. MikeLovesChoppers says:

    it will never go down because theres too many people on this planet, too many are too lazy to find out, and there will always be new ways to run game. GAME ON

  11. AFCAdamLondon says:

    Awesome dude thanks loads!

  12. luismendezs says:

    this community is getting way out there … too much in my opinion. i give it 5 years before everything just turns to s*h*i*t =).

    but i like ur style, seen some of ur footage and gotta say, u could hang with me, haha. i keed.

    keep it real.

  13. kida29 says:

    you are so cool man, and you look like a normal person(not thats anything wrong with peacocking), i’m going to check your website now, c u.

  14. AFCAdamLondon says:

    Thanks so much dude!

    Damn thats alot to live up to!

  15. aybee88 says:

    dude, your ledge….nuff said….fuck the top ten of p.u.a’s…your in my top three heroes

    Dennis Bergkamp
    Dj Hype

  16. rsaini1 says:

    I totally agree with the top 10 list.

    Actually it doesn’t matter, they are all good.

  17. caveboy0000 says:

    thanks for the reply,

  18. AFCAdamLondon says:

    According to me, I’m no-where near third.

    But according to Thundercat and the World PuaSummit it’s me.

  19. AFCAdamLondon says:

    I know I know!

  20. noirkiss3 says:

    Hey, you may have game, but you sure as shit don’t have spell check!!!
    definitely d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y!!!!
    Keep sargin.

  21. caveboy0000 says:

    are you sure you are the third one ?
    how about Matador, T D, David D,…

  22. AFCAdamLondon says:

    I know I know hahahaha.

    Do you have any idea how much that pains me everytime I see it hahahah

  23. JoelTHE says:

    You spelled “definitely” wrong in the video.

  24. Lunchchen says:

    tenrecc Mystery dont use canned materials anymore. He just plain natural. The reason he has routines is to teach his students. If you go out gaming for the first time without routines and just try to be 100% natural you will end up like a AFC.

    But if you got routines and know what to do you will end up like a Godlike pua.

    Routines = a way to become natural

  25. Lunchchen says:

    1. Mystery
    2. Style
    3. Johnny soporno
    4. David deangelo
    5. Asian playboy
    6. Asian playlord
    7. Kid 44
    8. Levo
    9. Sinn
    10. AFC Adam