Hoe op te pikken in een Club van AFC Adam Pick Up Artist

On 02/11/2010, in overige, by admin


Er is nog veel meer GRATIS Pick-up Artist Advice komen, als je wilt zien allmake zeker dat u [Aanmelden op} hierboven en je zult de nieuwe video’s en theorie

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25 Responses to “Hoe op te pikken in een Club van AFC Adam Pick Up Artist”

  1. kalanikawisha says:

    you are the only solution for bbw naneedj.info

  2. OmgPanda1 says:

    Lol I use the “Who lies more guys or girls?” all the time, but I’m in high school so it works like a charm ;)

  3. LBDfvcgt says:

    Russian women on the street **lostlk.info**

  4. LoveSystems says:

    Cool video.

  5. KmKGreyhat says:

    Well you know what they say right? “Teaching is part of Learning”. This is why your highschool teachers asked you, constantly, to repeat what they had just said. You need to bounce the ball back and forth for memory retention to work.

    I support this video either way. I’m a PUA myself (not just a keyboard Jockey, though that is half of my personality) and I do much more teaching than is commonly accepted among the community…

    Will subscribe. =)

  6. dancko82 says:

    good work Adam… Big!!!

  7. omcxe says:

    cool dude :D

  8. chilledandy says:

    @Trouserss chances are they’re not rejecting your appearance in the sense of how you look facially, more likely they are rejecting you on your subtext. They will make a snap judgement about you based on your body language, demeanour, clothes, friends and every other aspect of you including how you are dancing. If you are cool, calm, suprememly confident, slightly cocky, and fun then they will be blown away, but if you are awkward, needy or geeky then you will be blown out. Body language is key

  9. Trouserss says:

    Hi Adam,

    My problem is that when I approach a girl to dance it seems like they move away or they say ‘No”. I saw a video of you on youtube dancing up to a group of girls and them dancing with you but that really doesn’t work for me. It feels like they are rejecting my appearance? what do you think?

  10. coolhomieo says:

    I’m asking this question before the video was over, but how do I pick up a girl with loud music in the way?

  11. doormaneamons says:

    how many nights do u head out a wk?and how long did it take u to master?

  12. SRospieler says:

    You are pretty cool. What do you think about approaching directly, talking to her and dancing the same time ? I saw some guys doing this and it worked better than my game. I regulary only dance or only talk to her. That doesnt give such a great flow. Would u introduce yourself with handshake or with kisses ?

  13. Levizzlefoshizz says:

    I used your advice the other day and warmed up the room before approaching the set i was wanting to approach. It work very well. They were much more interested and it actually made the demonstrating of value very easy since i had already proven that i was a sociable person. Thanks a lot. I hope to get to go to a work shop soon.

  14. AFCAdamLondon says:

    No probs man, Happy to help.

    I’d rather you learn from me for free than paid for something bad from elsewhere.

  15. 313makaveli says:

    god i feel stupid now..lol..its just i dont got the money for the other pua’s stuff..like $300+ dvd collections etc..and your stuff is actualy realy refreshing compared to the same old stuff i used to listen to and read..thanks again man!!

  16. PKhereford says:

    I love how fast you talk, its hypnotic.

  17. AFCAdamLondon says:

    I post almost all my stuff for free on my main site :D in the video

  18. 313makaveli says:

    is there a place we can find any of hes seminars or audios online???for free that is..lol..torrents/rapidshare??anything??


    In all due respect, this is one of the best methods Ive seen so far. But with ”vibing” with the other lower-standard set’(HB4s, HB5s, HB6s, HB7s)then that will mean you’d have to have some sort of very high social proof to make the HB10s feel like they need validating from you. Remebering that theres other guys/ competition in the venue. That is my question.

  20. Allstardk says:

    yeeeeah, AFC adam is the ladias man… haha. He’s awesome.

  21. Paddehj says:

    He has man, Amanda something, look him up on facebook or on his website and you’l see her, shes hot.

  22. pluristiq says:

    lol, u’re a fool … check out his other videos to see how good this guy is

  23. AFCAdamLondon says:

    If you really know what you’re doing it should end badly, every break up I had prior to this relationship went as good as could be expected. Finding someone else isn’t easy initially, but the same game works, finding someone of the same looks is easy, finding the personality takes longer…but at least you’re still hitting hot chicks til then.

  24. flatulenceisbliss says:

    When you get with a girl like that and it ends badly….how do you stop yourself from thinking that 99% of women you see are ugly ? thats the stage i’m in right now since i lost the ex.I do approach the hottest girls at the club, but they tend to be out with boyfriends and you only realise that after a while and the girls are usually dishonest about it i’ve found.

  25. AFCAdamLondon says:

    Check out the video AFC Adam gets married