Het aantrekken van vrouwen met je lichaam Taal: Groot LIVE In-veld benadering!

On 06/11/2010, in overige, by admin

www.davidwygant . com aantrekken van vrouwen met je lichaam Language Groot LIVE In-veld benadering! Wat doet je lichaamstaal over je zeggen? Bent u het aantrekken van vrouwen met je lichaamstaal of afstotende hen? Heb je je ooit afgevraagd wanneer je loopt in een winkel te flirten met een klerk waarom ze reageert niet op de […]

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25 Responses to “Het aantrekken van vrouwen met je lichaam Taal: Groot LIVE In-veld benadering!”

  1. hashanimalshika says:

    Great speech from naughty women mworld5.info

  2. momochansam says:

    stop repeating your self soo much are you asian cuz thats what asian ppl tend to do well at least my parents lol

  3. collegeswiitness says:

    the more i watch these videos the more i get creeped out. lol.

  4. Gabor4u says:

    @Drakerot LOL g1

  5. narcissusdark says:

    tell the person holding the camera to fucking hold it properly, it feels like im watching cloverfield…

  6. dudesguy77 says:

    its not about using canned material to get women, these “seduction experts” just want to put a giant hole in your wallet….i read a book with great info on the natural way to get women. It changed my dating life, check out the site:

    —–> theseductionsecrets(.)info

  7. monkeysawu says:

    lol i work at a store, we are trained to say certain things- especially hi how are you- that kind of stuff, but it goes unnoticed and unappreciated, we dont want to have a conversation we just want to sell stuff, but wen u get close like that, pay attention as much as she was, ignore potential customers like she was… its flirting.

  8. JoeyFudd says:

    Yeah, and that schmuck bought four shirts in order to act like he wasn’t interested in her, after all, and to prove he had money! Ha! David was right early on — he put the focus on the shirts to much.

  9. Drakerot says:

    Meanwhile the sales clerk chick is making a youtube video on how to sell shirts to guys by pretending to flirt with them.

  10. systemlordyu says:

    lol all you nerds cannot understand this, with your negative coments lol no we know who aint getting none

  11. russruggles says:

    That’s a bold move trying to pick up on a sales person. How do you break through the fact that they have to be nice to you, and are thus almost pre-programmed to not be attracted?

  12. killlagger468 says:

    i wounldnt agree that if a hired gun ignored you for a little bit to say hi to a customer, that its an IOD. hired guns need to acknowledge the customers that their job. DUH!

  13. GOODBYE1209 says:

    Dude are you serious any body worth their weight in a clothing store are paid to be nice to the customers. Dude that’s 101 shit. This vid teaches one thing, unfortunately is nothing!

  14. StewartLucrative says:

    hahahahahaha, c’mon now

  15. ignacio13mx says:

    You shouldnt Flirt with a sales person,
    a sales person has to be friendly,and give you some attention wether she wants 2 or not,i think that your have sum knowledge but you should try a different scenario….

  16. UKMillionaireDating says:

    No 1 Dating Tip “Body Language”!

    Up to 93% of communication is purely body language, make sure you pick up the right singles to see if someone really likes you!

    Most of all BE YOURSELF!

    Excellent Video!

  17. channelofwwe says:

    The Girl has a nice Ass!

  18. murdacityadabraka says:

    guys guys come on, let me tell you this, the secret is sales people are train in a way to be social and friendly to lead you into buy something, so what most sales women do is flirt with guys to get them into believe they like them and buy something, remember some are paid for commission, body language can sometimes have miscommunication so dont believe every body language somebody show, once again like i said females respond to certain things in different ways.

  19. Psylence6 says:

    I actually liked your analyzation of body language to unsuspecting people in a clothing store. It gives the sense of natural movement and thought, good job dude! Really seems like you know your stuff!

  20. usohmanz says:

    truthordeath i know u dont get woman

  21. Truth0rDeath says:

    Oh the things you have to do to get a woman.

    Fuck that shit. Bitch get me a beer and maybe I’ll fuck you.

    GROW SOME NUTS. As if men are supposed to entertain women and not the other way around.

  22. ChomuSclavus says:

    This may be good for people with Asperger’s Syndrome.

  23. alphamale699 says:

    im sorry but this is some guy talking bollox. she is doing her job by serving a customer. Of course she wont get distracted by the people coming in and talk to them because she is trained as a sales assistant 2 attend to the customer at hand. I hope this video is a joke or prank beacuse it has wasted my time.

  24. va4lover says:

    That girl in the video has a little cute ass:) anyway to my man princesharks; the video isn’t really clear to see everything details, you really have to see David in action and also check out his other videos.

    The message is: When you approach women anywhere, you want to look at them directly in the eye, and make sure you’re standing upright. Smile, its a turn on believe me. I had girls that tell me because of my smile, she felt really safe around me.

  25. princesharks says:

    I don’t really get the message.