Echte sociale dynamiek achter de schermen

On 04/11/2010, in overige, by admin


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25 Responses to “Echte sociale dynamiek achter de schermen”

  1. MrCKH94 says:


    rsd are the best, stop being jelous they get more girls than you

  2. emperormiester says:

    im going to unleash the fiesta lol

  3. blackyblackblack505 says:

    cool stuff

  4. docterlovejoy says:

    these guys are the fucking shit they lay down the game to where it’s understandable your able to break it down inside your head. I’ve learned more from the rsd guys than the rest of the supposed gurus, you get all these haters on here or on message boards hating on these guys for trying to help guys better themselves. RSD is about positivity and being your best self, not about supposed structures, silly magic routines or trying to hypnotise people. The self is always shining through rsd 4 life

  5. danielmarcisraelite says:

    so much anger!
    Just proves i’m right
    and not once did i write fuck
    cussing is for the simple folk

  6. andrewpacker20 says:

    Good God… these guys are idiots…

  7. VortexNL says:

    These people can get long term relationships with most woman with ease.
    Also, learn to spell FUCK!

  8. danielmarcisraelite says:

    n1 who has read Niel Strauss’ The Game’ will know that RSD is a collection of others Puas work, there is nothing 2 admire about em they r thieves even using methods such as keylogger viruses 2 gain their knowledge 1 word comes 2 mind here Plagurism women r getting wise 2 this lifestyle neway replicating these peoples methods means loosing out on urself as an individual yes u’ll sleep with women but u wont keep her if u want her u came in with a front then she has 2 get 2 find out who u realy r

  9. RoscoRB88 says:

    man, there are so many negative people posting comments about this company, it’s funny lol.

    It pretty much explains why all these people hate RSD, RSD promotes positivity, and negative people don’t like that too much…so they have to bitch about it somewhere, why not the internet? :)

    Much love RSD, you guys are doing a great job in changing my life and many other peoples lives for the better.

  10. jkellyx1yahoo says:

    You sir, are not in your own reality.

    I would highly recommend you purchasing a copy of the Foundations program to get you started…

  11. YuCme93 says:

    This guys are amazing MAN. you obviously brought their shit, and some how it “didn’t work” will thats your losse buddy. PUA are just sad. Do women have to be pick up artists? NO? men have become vey socially conditioned, RSD is all about undoing that and becoming a MAN, and a man isn’t talking “god like logical stuff all the time. They don’t have to look like a PUA(eg insecure egolistical looser) they don’t need some tan, and watch the jeffy show.

  12. JPsets1990 says:

    Does anyone wtf Rsd teaches? You got a bunch of legit Pua’s got this guy named tim, with a mad good accent, talkin about some rubbish with the dumb accent, got this guy papa who don’t even look like a pua i would pay to watch him sarge, also got that albino cancer patient owen cook (buy some chapstick), jeffy ur book sucked its like a long passage from something you would write on the forum, go take some more freedom tour u cock

  13. westmeat says:

    haha this stuff is so fucking GAY. you can find better info for FREE over at manhood101 dot c o m without all the gayness.

  14. maxiflo says:

    He hasn’t got a clue

  15. DavidCollinGarmaise says:

    Jeffy is the most tight RSD instructor hands down check out 3:27 seconds and keep hitting THAT BUTTON

    “Whats going to happen when you”

  16. realsocialdynamics1 says:


  17. hullupunainen says:

    weird people… but i like blueprint… that tim looks like an asshole

  18. shlucke says:

    so why did u watch it then? how long have you been looking for an rsd vid to post this enlightening comment??

  19. AgentGustavo says:

    Tyler, Papa, Jeffy, Tim, Ozzy, Hoobie, all the guys together! Wow, they for sure got something out of that seminar. I think Ryan and Alexander were not coaches yet, this probably was when 26 was still around.

  20. CLiDED says:

    It is in my books.

    But your poor grammar is lame. Go back to school, chump.

  21. fliprydaj90 says:

    Good for you.

    dudey is not even a word.

  22. BrianHimself1 says:



  23. CLiDED says:


    don’t call people names when you can’t spell properly, dudey.

    Though I agree with you.

  24. Phranky says:

    To make myself feel better? No… I have no agenda.

  25. MadYarMadYar says:

    Wait a second. Why to refer to being a geek at all – in the first place? For you to feel better?
    Of course: deep, well established self confidence is the key,
    but some people do need to understand why everything is the way it is and how it really is. If you’re followin me here.