David Wygant televisie-optreden Op KTLA Los Angeles

On 05/11/2010, in overige, by admin


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25 Responses to “David Wygant televisie-optreden Op KTLA Los Angeles”

  1. path2mastery says:

    I agree with some of david wygants stuff, but mostly he’s one of those talking to women without hitting on them not showing intent, then all of a sudden SUPRISE I HAVE A DICK!

  2. 19stealth84 says:

    Fuck man this guys whole concept of having normal conversation with women just goes against what David Deangelo supports… and yet, David D promotes this guy with his seminars and interviews as he is a guest….

  3. 24damoney says:

    sweet, see how he turned that schmoe talk into you’re the bitch, bitch lol.

  4. RussX5Z says:

    @cortezforever If you get a chance look up Kurt Spelling. That guy is one of the coolest dating & life coaches out there. He speaks our language. He’s not a semi geek like Mystery where he uses fancy descriptive nicknames like Kino, and pee cocking for example. Kurt Spelling is just a regular guy that did have dates and a good social life. Anyways you’ll find out more about him when you google his name here on youtube. Good luck! :)

  5. cortezforever says:

    @diablo19876 That is one of the most important things i’ve ever heard, i realized i was to slow at it. my friend is an expert at it but he calls it probing.

  6. cortezforever says:

    @RussX5Z I agree. I only recently found david by random searching and i thought this is it. But i think mystery is great because he breaks down the science so when you combine the two it’s over!

  7. bebo3ful says:

    David Wygant, David Deangelo and Zan Perrion, the true greats of pua.

  8. vrfl says:

    Some pickup lines work so well that a woman will literally faint in your arms after hearing them. One of my favorite ones is “Does this smell like chloroform?”

  9. onikzonikz says:

    they should rename the new hitch movie “Wygant”

  10. craze6663 says:

    not to be a dick, but they teach the same thing, and like it or not he IS a PUA :-/

  11. Ieatbabyseals says:



  12. theNeverangel says:

    Yummy mummies and yummy daddies, LOL! ;)

  13. Arcane1Soldier says:

    If your single what do you do? WTF kind of Q is that. Umm, i dont know, try dating websites like match and chemestri, umm, go to bars and clubs, umm, find singles speed dating, always fun, umm, go to a mall on a regular Monday at like 11am and you will see shit loads of Solo females walking about swinging their purses looking bored and lonely cause they have no one and were not talking ugly ones, im talking hot ones. Just go up to any female and say” Hi how are you, whats your name”

  14. diablo19876 says:

    dave is one observant mofo

  15. roccotool says:

    Dave’s great for Day Game, and you can use some of his ideas for Direct, too. My favorite rule of his:” You cannot pick up every girl. Not every girl is attracted to you. “

  16. MrAndrewSchmitz says:

    Agreed, David and Zan are the real deal!! The true naturals!

  17. CherubyCherub says:

    David Wygant is NOT a one of those PUA – Pick-Up Asshole clowns (tricksters, fraudsters, manipulators etc). . .David Wygant IS Whole Foods!!! ‘If’ David Wygant was one of those clowns he’d be in a class of his own along with men like Zan Perrion & Dr. Paul Dobransky & he wouldn’t need to hide behind one of those PUA ‘boy’ names, those PUA clowns NEED to man up! David ‘Whole Foods’ Wygant all the way!!!

  18. 13charachters says:

    I’m off to whole foods.

  19. tjplayer241 says:

    in that situation, that girl sounded needy, or inless she was just pulling a funny joke lol

  20. xAfricana says:

    He’s not a pua.

  21. KingOfClay says:

    My Whole Foods is broken. There are never any chicks there when I go.

  22. dontfeedthewrestler says:

    David Wygant is such a f-ing beast.

  23. JoeyFudd says:

    Guys go to Whole Foods to shop too. We are not in the mood to meet girls. Let’s be realistic. But I admit, the prettiest girl I ever dated was at Whole Foods. We met near the bakery area, and she asked if I wanted to have dinner with her. But that is very rare. (This was at the Whole Foods around Aventura, FL, BTW)

  24. kolista says:

    its because he genuinely doesn’t give a shit, and that in itself is attractive

  25. Gggmanlives says:

    David’s got such a better attitude than the other pua’s. He’s more real.