Meeting More and Better Women

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25 Responses to “Meeting More and Better Women”

  1. sawyerbobby says:

    @MrLifepastdue same situation here,except me is in high school

  2. NateZen says:

    @MrLifepastdue You only have one life to live bro so you better try and make it the best one it can be. The only thing standing between you and good life is your will and action. There are plenty of people who are just as lonely as you, find them and you shall find your salvation.

  3. ammodomini says:

    So very true sir.House parties rules.

  4. miyuris says:

    Fuckin pussy. Emo!!!

  5. alexandre1129 says:

    anyone want to come to mine!?

  6. x3r9g6 says:

    no doubt…….like the last party i went to i was just there to get drunk/high and this chick was all over me while i was chillin with my friend…..she was decent looking but not really my type so i didn’t take that further.

  7. stellarshore says:

    dude, i was in the same situation. this is the time where you take risks. taking your life is a bigger “risk” than say joining some group meeting, taking up a hobby and finding people be it online or locally to share it with. start doing it, and keep picking yourself up every time. be as opportunistic as you can, every moment is either thought or action, use both and you can knock these obstacles down, much of our situations can be down to our thoughts, start thinking up as a duty, soon naturaly


    learn how to pick up in the street
    it can be made
    if u try

  9. MrLifepastdue says:

    What if you don’t have any friends that invites you to a house party? I am in my 20′s and I don’t have any friends. I think I might commit suicide pretty soon. Cuz it suck being alone. All these advice sounds great but I can’t think of any circumstance that would enable me to put these things into practice. Watching these have only made me realize how fruitless even the best advice are on me.

  10. TommyVercetti08 says:

    where to meet men? you don’t need to worry about that if your hot you will meet men anywere, if u not all u gotta do is work out, i wish it was that simple for us guys as well

  11. uspatent333 says:

    i couldn’t say it any better.

  12. viewtifultemp says:

    right here babe

  13. southsidebaby17 says:

    wtf lol try outdoor areas. like sporting events and such. guys have a thing for girls who likes engaging in sports for two reasons 1. they must be in shape and if you are theyll love it 2. you have something in common sports or if you both met at a park or at a car show or watever theres an interest there that you have in common.

  14. yesenia89 says:


  15. slu27 says:

    your vids are great, they will help me through my college journey. BTW i noticed you play tennis!

    ps: do you think european chicks would like american boy? I am taking a euro trip next summer and plan to meet many many european girls, but im gonna need to be prepared for that

  16. M0N3t7 says:

    Lol, poon?! xD

  17. M0N3t7 says:

    Most of the guys that I gravitate to are very confident, not really cocky, but close to it and outgoing. They are usu. my total opposite and women literally throw themselves at them. For ex, I am in college and my crush was walking out of the cafeteria and these 3 chicks(well above avg looking) were chasing after him and trying to get his attn. He just ignored the crap out of them…eh…I just do not want to be just another girl to him.

  18. bojangles322 says:

    this applies for meeting men as well… also if u wanna meet a guy i guarentee u that u will at least get his number and most likely hang out with him if u approaach him and ask.. when ur out sometime and u see an attractive guy approach him tell him u think he’s cute and say u wanna hang out with him… guys usually have to do all this footwork and appreciate ur courage and confidence…. TRY IT

  19. M0N3t7 says:

    Can you pls do this for meeting more and better MEN? Thanks :/

  20. muffdriver69 says:

    I never liked clubs, but this guy nailed it on the head that clubs isn’t always the only place to hook up with women. Very well said. I knew there were other ways to meet women.

  21. omer008 says:

    great video. Thanks

  22. c00lwatter says:

    This is wonderful advice. Logical, concise, well said.

  23. Infiniteuphorix says:

    good point.. ive been invited to a house party this weekend actually. hopefully theres some poon there.

  24. Stung5 says:

    i love this guy/.

  25. sarcol says:

    Damn I missed some of ur vids :(

    Gotta keep on track, keep it up dude, 5 stars.