Love Systems Super conferentie 2009 toespraak van de toekomst over het belang van de kwalificatie. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to “Love Systems Super Conferentie – Kwalificatie met Toekomst”

  1. LoveSystems says:

    @radioheadalways Nice. We will see you there. Don’t be shy to say hello to all our staff and instructors. We always love to meet everyone in person.

  2. LoveSystems says:

    @HamsterManV2 Thanks for the kind words. Are we going to see you at our super conference?

  3. HamsterManV2 says:

    Wow. Just 8 minutes of video and so much *awesome* knowledge explained clearly… No wonder Future was rated #1 dating coach… For real relationships that us men ultimately strive for, this clip proves that the reviews on LS’ website are no exaggeration!

  4. radioheadalways says:

    This video was great! See you at the Super Conference!

  5. phillfamous says:

    future was my dude from the interview series….his shit was so money him and sinn used to wing eachother…imagine them 2 rolling into your set ude have to throw your gf over your shoulder and just walk away…..good to see him back in the mix even tho this is from 2009

  6. LoveSystems says:

    @safarwan11 Great to hear. Definitely put it into use.

  7. LoveSystems says:

    @heroicdestinysquad Thanks for the kind words!

  8. safarwan11 says:

    last words i found important! Thanx for this! I will care about it!

  9. heroicdestinysquad says:

    What Future should do is challenge people from his past lives like at Phillips Exeter Academy who used to be good at getting girls to pick up challenges like in Keys to the V.I.P. to see if his skills have surpassed those of former naturals, since if his name if Future Thompson, it means his greatest fear is Past Thompson.

  10. heroicdestinysquad says:

    That’s not an insult by the way, it was a compliment for Love Systems programs, like “Wow, if even Thompson Plyler can get Playboy Playmates, then pretty much anyone can.”

  11. heroicdestinysquad says:

    I knew this guy in high school, he was really geeky, like you’d think he’d grow up to be Comic Book Store Guy from The Simpsons. If it’s true that he can actually get hot girls now, I guess it speaks a lot for Love Systems, because the last thing you’d ever expect a guy like him to grow up to be would be a mack.

  12. LoveSystems says:

    @86kinky86 More is coming up!

  13. HoldOnToYaBrainBalls says:

    Awesome. Upload Braddock too!

  14. TheRockstardan says:

    i think he was having a pop at style by there xD

  15. MegaMikecheck says:

    yes future is very good he is one of the shot callers at lovesytems

  16. 86kinky86 says:

    damn, he’s a cool guy. I want moar