Liefde Systems op de Tyra Banks Show.flv

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Love Systems op de Tyra Banks Show

Klik dan hier voor het eBoek van Jonathan en Oscar - koop het nu vrijblijvend met 30 dagen, niet goed geld terug garantie (100% gegarandeerd)

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25 Responses to “Liefde Systems op de Tyra Banks Show.flv”

  1. pinkorangesoda says:

    omg she looks hugee i still luv her =]

  2. AlleBoyable says:

    8.02: Why are there two men standing staring at the guy and the girl? Fucking weird?

    Good stuff otherwise.

  3. AfterThePickUp says:

    can someone say. Staged!!!!!
    cmon ppl an idiot even knows the pickup scenarios in this vid is a fake.
    its too contrived if u ask me :-D

  4. liljayjay260 says:

    Thatguy did pretty good at the end. It’s just that he has to watch his body language. You know try not to be gamey because females can read that.

  5. SuperJohnnorman says:

    The video is so forced and not like the usual love system stuff.

  6. jessicaxGlam says:

    charlie is hot

  7. fasteskiller says:

    the game is awsome and to every hater and girl who thinks this doesnt work I have to say, keep living in your dream world. If you give it a serious look you will find out that any level of girl responds on this because you do opposite of other guys, and ironic enough excactly what they search for, even if they dont know it. I wish every player of the game goodluck, and never forget to be yourself!

  8. MegaPhoenixBird says:

    Feminism and PUA (pick up artists) go hand in hand.

    Both turn Men into “Manginas”- which in turn blocks Men from getting women.

    PS- google PUAHATE and Manhood101(dot)com (a non profit resource that has a 200 page e-book on Social Competence for advice for real men- which is completely free- no catch, sales or payment required).

    Read “No More Mr Nice Guy” by Robert Glover and Iron John by Robert Bly- both are on scribd(dot)com

  9. Nihilanthe says:

    there were like 5 cameras in front of the girls

  10. JKlolita says:

    im sorry but that is just awkward lol…..i’d be like wtf is this guy. lolllll

  11. TheHazcam says:

    the girl’s not fat you morons she’s just voluptuous. I actually think she’s kinda cute.

  12. stagz says:


    girls are the worst like this, its like chris rock says ‘i gotta get… him!’ if uve seen it you understand, girls back stab each other all the time because high value guys are so hard to come by, and they are all biologically compelled to want to sleep with the winner or king or leader… where as guys, will reproduce with almost any woman as the risks are so much lower.

  13. stagz says:


    sorry ice man but, if you knew anything about psychology you would know and understand why it works so well. you probably read the game tried the jealous gf opener, miss calebrated, blew out the set and now u hate on it.

  14. stagz says:


    ok this is why you never, ever, take advice from women about women, they don’t even know what they want? attraction isn’t a choice because its set off by your reptilian brain and is apart of your unconscious thought process.
    The reason most guys have trouble with girls is because their mating strategies are completely different, making their attraction switches vastly differ, so guys think that telling a girl shes hot will get him somewhere but it just creeps them out.

  15. Ditsybird says:

    its like hitch-but without the dancing fat guy lol

  16. girlcalledaish says:

    “wow a very mature response”
    u might want to help someone as young as me with some words of wisdom but clearly u dont seem to have that either
    if u dont have a clear comeback besides attacking me without knowing me u can always stop talking

  17. Zac6230 says:

    @girlcalledaish you are young and inexperienced, you twit, shut up and stop trying to act intelligent. i have had enough

  18. girlcalledaish says:

    i guess u are older
    so hears a reality check grandpa
    think r not how they were when u were my age
    today we know that honesty is one of the best ways st make a relationship work

  19. Zac6230 says:

    no I seem older you’re just ignorant and too stupid too see, how do i know this? look at your comments that should be all the proof one needs

  20. girlcalledaish says:

    but maturity wise, u seem younger

  21. Zac6230 says:

    Im probably older than you,

  22. girlcalledaish says:

    poor kid! juz coz all the women u know dnt care bout u dsnt mean the rest act the same(they probably dnt like u either but thats a diff story)

  23. Zac6230 says:

    thats what women do

  24. girlcalledaish says:

    and ur fucked in the head if u think pretending to be something ur not will gt ppl to like u

  25. icemanisdangerous says:

    @Zac6230 Yes it is!