Hoe te Vrouwen Wek: Ross Jeffries Leert Opwindende Vrouwen

On 31/10/2010, in overige, by admin


seduction.com Leer hoe je vrouwen te wekken met deze gratis video van een van Ross Jeffries ‘seminars. Je leert hoe je vrouwen met deze eenvoudige tips en trucs te wekken. Start wekken vrouwen nu, en krijg meer vrije verleiding tips van www.seduction.com Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses to “Hoe te Vrouwen Wek: Ross Jeffries Leert Opwindende Vrouwen”

  1. 52684 says:

    what a waste, any man who applies this is a little bitch
    one should have to command a girl to feel a certain way. a real man makes that woman feel that.

  2. undeadvoice says:

    @jimmywires500 Nope, only works on a Debbie. Better find one.

  3. undeadvoice says:

    @jimmywires500 Nope, only works on a Debbie. Better find one.

  4. clivebull1 says:

    Seriously, I’d imagine that any guy using weird constructions like ‘permit that to happen’ and ‘allow that to happen’ is going to come across as being a complete freak. This is not how people speak, and it just jars horribly.

  5. doctamic says:

    he looks like stewy the retarted cop from Scary Movie i bet debbie is his vacum cleaner

  6. cecarelo says:

    Style, Ross and Mystery shall each be awarded a nobel peace prize. Make love not war. War is for AFCs who think they can use violence and power to attract women!

  7. 1madaboutguitar says:

    He looks like something out of Star Trek.

  8. runningwild1231 says:

    he is acting like he is drunk

  9. HigherPlanes says:

    @HigherPlanes I’m gonna go practice on some hos

  10. HigherPlanes says:

    I use alcohol to arouse my women ;) ;)

  11. ioanonissimo says:

    @JenniMystic maybe you should make videos
    youre advice is more yousfull. you being a woman

  12. Bob8199 says:

    Girls named Debbie always have huge boobs. I want to touch them so I would say… Permit a guy to touch your boobs Debbie.

  13. foreverguga says:

    This guy has a wife named Debbie and she is totally nuts

  14. JenniMystic says:


    Seriously. My mans ex’s were all hot as hell, he gets hit on my really hot girls often, early on in our relationship I asked him “WTF? Why you bother with me?”(I’m chubby, glasses, no make up, etc etc) Well, he answered “YOU F***K ME GOOD!”

  15. JenniMystic says:

    Easiest way to get a woman in bed is to let her make the first move. That way, you know she’s interested to begin with, makes everything simpler, and just go from there. All women are different, personally, I am more blunt and straightforward kind of gal. Plenty of women out there who will hunt you down and give the time of your life. Especially if you don’t limit yourself to the ‘hot chicks’ lol.

  16. namitsu1 says:

    @fatnou786 yeah god forbid men are actually making women feel good

  17. ogrevideo says:

    rapist academy

  18. PpKillaz says:

    honestly ,woman say that I’m charming and stuff,actually I noticed that I unconsciously do those shits,add sum humour in it and U can say everything to a woman without risking to hurt her or loose her.Woman r more open-minded than U may think or feel,just get in through the right door or make Urself.They love to be tackled,challenged in many way,Use ur eyes,voice…..and don’t be scared to speak ur mind(politely).Be daring they luv cuz = challenge,they want to tame the Beast.

  19. superturbobastard says:

    this guy’s a freak

  20. ilieklolcatz says:

    God, that lecturer is one creepy bastard.

  21. truenotion says:

    “Yes We Can”
    Guess Obama used a weasel phrase to screw America.

  22. tommason1984 says:

    @bdmenne bwahahaa. He had far more important things to be worrying about.. and it shows. From his handwriting to the notches on his bedpost

  23. FreeBlago1 says:

    Listen to a cat like this. Hot dudes don’t have to work as hard. Average cats that get puss are more “in the know” …now listen up.

  24. FreeBlago1 says:

    I clicked on this vid cause I thought the title was “how to ABUSE women”. seriously.

  25. bdmenne says:

    This guy is so money that he doesn’t even give a shit that his hand-writing is atrocious. love it.