Hitler’s Children: Seduction 4 of 5

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This great five-volume series, by Guido Knopp, examines the naivete of German youths in the 1930′s and 1940′s. This is the only documentary I have seen that focuses on the way the Nazis used children to conduct their war. In this first volume of the series, we see the exploitation by the Nazis of teenagers’ […]

This great five-volume series, by Guido Knopp, examines the naivete of German youths in the 1930′s and 1940′s. This is the only documentary I have seen that focuses on the way the Nazis used children to conduct their war. In this first volume of the series, we see the exploitation by the Nazis of teenagers’ natural tendencies toward self-importance and rebellion. Using this as a foundation, Hitler built a large community of child soldiers and moulded them into hateful killers through peer pressure and fear of humiliation.

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25 Responses to “Hitler’s Children: Seduction 4 of 5”

  1. chas63 says:

    It’s almost hilarious that they considered themselves superior to us – the idea that they considered democratic peoples weak and incapable of standing up to them and their values superior to ours. Incredibly arrogant of them. Doesn’t matter. We buried those motherfuckers eventually.

  2. failedassassin says:

    It’s very sad how many of the criticisms of the jews fell back on the nazis. Who destroyed the culture of Europe? Who sought to suppress and subjugate other races? Who sought a global empire, fueled by a mad thirst for power? Who sought hierarchy rather than brotherhood? Very sad.

  3. jtizz711 says:

    Socialism turns a man into a machine…

  4. randy95023 says:

    A boy who entered the Hitler Youth at 12 would have 8 years of physical (and military) training by the time he was 20 years old. When we Allies had to fight them we soon discovered the strength, discipline and sheer toughness of these young men. However evil this may have been it was a brilliant way to prepare for war. It’s terrible that so many young men were stripped of their individuality. Losing this individuality robbed Germany of many innovations and potential that comes from youth.

  5. emarine says:


    hush Jew.

  6. JerryBarryLover says:


  7. LydiaBlair says:

    you’d think the hitler youth would have better looking uniforms…just a thought….

  8. LittlePinky82 says:

    If you enjoy your job you’ll naturally be good at it. What the hell is dictation ship? And socialism isn’t religion hon. Doy. How pathetic.

  9. CapitanoGUC says:

    well – then be good in your job – and then spend a bit of money for charity, become a rotary club member, help that old women to cross over the road, carry here shopping bag – and everyone is happy. me for example – i did one year of “civil service” in germany instead of my military service. And i support very much the idea of social market economy but not of socialism because i have lived that pseudo religion which only ends up in dictation ship.

  10. LittlePinky82 says:

    Hahaha. I’m 27 so I hardly think that’s being at the end of the chain hon. I just think it’s petty and immature and really just pathetic to just competing against each other all the time. I’m more about doing something positive for the universe. I’d rather be a dreamer than a shitter.

  11. CapitanoGUC says:

    Probably, competition is boring and tiring to you, because you are at the end of the chain of skills and ability.
    By the way – “helping out” is part of the human nature as well.
    But you better be good and successful in your job, so that you got more time and money to spend in order to help others, you dreamer.

  12. LittlePinky82 says:

    Not really. Last time I checked I have a human mind and am human and competition is boring and tiring to me. There are better things to do like help out your fellow human when they need it.

  13. CapitanoGUC says:

    there citizenship was taken away by that racist system.
    Anyway the socialism in the sense of Karl Marx will never work as it does not take in account how the humane mind works. This sort of socialism is unnatural. Human kind need competition in order to function.

  14. LittlePinky82 says:

    So it’s not socialism. It’s something else. As I said- socialism everyone has opportunities to succeed. In socialism it doesn’t matter your race, religion, class etc. And with nationality what about people who weren’t born in the country but later become legal citizens?

  15. CapitanoGUC says:

    as i said – russian under stalin were very cruel to non pure russians – so was china to non han chinise citizens …
    anyway national socialism is a kind of socialism just by its words. But also by his social achievements for the working class (but only for the one of the one nationality)

  16. LittlePinky82 says:

    Ha. In socialism everyone is accepted regardless of race, class, religion or anything else. How is National Socialism socialism? *rolls eyes*

  17. CapitanoGUC says:

    well – the stalins policy was verry racist and antisemit too. In most battels he did send in the sibirian troops first and the the pur russians after. An National Socialism was sitill a kind of socialism …

  18. g974tnmcj says:

    nazis were great heil hitler

  19. 1XMarksSpot says:

    @Rimmer7 LOL democracy sucks. Republic rocks! :D

  20. 1XMarksSpot says:

    @pandabead Spread the word and rise up!

  21. 1XMarksSpot says:

    @phrog1337 You mean in the present?

  22. LittlePinky82 says:

    What the shit are you talking about? You’re a dumbass too. Socialism peaches that everyone has equal opportunities to succeed Nazis say only their ideal race does. How is that anything a like? Dumbass.

  23. LittlePinky82 says:

    Because that’s not socialism you dumbass. It’s called fascism.

  24. LittlePinky82 says:

    Yes that is fascism and you’re correct. It cracks me up to see people compare Obama to Hitler. Hitler is probably rolling over in his grave that a black man has his picture with his. I love dumbshits who one minute say Obama is like Hitler and another second say Communist. Dumbasses. We Commies fight Nazis and hate each other and always have and always will. We preach everyone is equal no matter what. Nazis think only people who are like them are equal. People are shitheads.

  25. LittlePinky82 says:

    You’re a dumbass.