Grote Piramide mysterie opgelost?

On 31/10/2010, in overige, by admin

Hoe werden de blokken verhoogd tot de top van de 489ft Grote Piramide? Een architect ontwikkelt een theorie over een bochtige interne helling die is in de piramide verborgen 4500 jaar geleden. Het ontsluiten van de Grote Piramide: SUN 16 november 9P ET / PT Video Rating: 4 / 5 Klik dan hier voor het […]

Hoe werden de blokken verhoogd tot de top van de 489ft Grote Piramide? Een architect ontwikkelt een theorie over een bochtige interne helling die is in de piramide verborgen 4500 jaar geleden. Het ontsluiten van de Grote Piramide: SUN 16 november 9P ET / PT Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Grote Piramide mysterie opgelost?”

  1. WulfBand says:

    Jean-Pierre Dumb Ass. He also sells Prime Real Estate in the Florida Everglades.

  2. faerydhhlo says:

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  3. olirain says:

    @visualeffectschannel get a life

  4. visualeffectschannel says:

    It’s STEVE JOBS!

  5. aliiiex says:

    @MimmaMaia haha no problem man ;)

  6. MimmaMaia says:

    @aliiiex :
    OK, you are right about the wheel, I looked at Wiki. I left school 41 years ago, history changed since.
    Sorry, André.

  7. MimmaMaia says:

    @aliiiex :
    Hi, are there any evidences of wheels 6500 years ago ?
    And what wheels or axes could carry 50 à 70 tons : wooden wheels or axes ??
    Grtz, André.

  8. MimmaMaia says:

    Another question : What is the full name of Jean-Pierre and the Dr. Bouy … and where can I find more details of the computer diagram with the low density spiral shape ?
    Grtz, André.

  9. aliiiex says:

    @MimmaMaia haha lol the wheel existed about 2000 years before that

  10. MimmaMaia says:

    My question to National Geographic :
    What is the copy I see at the time 4:20 in the video ? A satellite scan of the Great Pyramid ? Or what else ?
    Grtz, André.

  11. MimmaMaia says:

    @galaxaone : Hi, the wheel did’n exist in 2400 BC and no log or pole could lift any weigt of 50 or 70 tons. Such a weight would crush/smash the wood. We are speeking of the weight of 2 loaded heavy-weight trucks in 1 block of granite.
    And cast … can anyone cast granite ?
    Grtz, André.

  12. galaxaone says:

    @MimmaMaia i only try too point dhat with simple tools like logs or poles the wieght is not so heavvy (read you need les ppl) ps i use a wheelbarrow to lif t :)
    dere is a theory the stoneblocks are cast in place but it stil micht not the egiptians whoo build the piramids

  13. MimmaMaia says:

    Alan F. Alford has in “Gods of the new millennium” a special explanation : he thinks that some stoneblocks were cut and handled with 20th century ultrasone tools. He describes the great pyramid as a Hydrogen-factory. So they needed water.
    Not bad I think.
    Grtz, André.

  14. MimmaMaia says:

    @galaxaone : You are a very sportive person, but we are talking about a weight of 2 to 70 tons. I read once that 12 magicians could easily lift this weight with the sound of their voice. But, I never saw it.
    Grtz, André.

  15. Act2Scene5 says:

    The Egyptians did not build the pyramids. There is nothing in Egyptian history that supports this. There are no Egyptian hieroglyphics outside or inside the pyramids. The Egyptian government is taking credit for something that its ancestory did not construct. The pyramids were there long before there was an Egypt.

    The Pyramids are markers that mark the location of something hidden deep beneath them in the earth. The answer and truth lies directly and deep below the pyramids.

  16. 356designer says:

    They used magic to lift blocks!

  17. galaxaone says:

    @MimmaMaia my weight is 69kg and i can lift 150kg and i only use probebly the oldest tool too move objects… the wheelbarrow but you have menny good points
    too considder

  18. damir505 says:

    @stopjunkscience There are some pointers that Sphinx and the Great pyramid were built before the great flood and Egyptian civilization…but it still doesn’t have to mean it was built by ETs.
    I rather believe it was constructed and built by some very advanced ancient civilization which vanished after the great flood, but that’s just a belief.
    Anyway, at least we can be sure to say that Egyptians could never cope with such constructions, not with little bronze ‘toolies’. ;)

  19. stopjunkscience says:

    @erchatcher I believe that the hieroglyphs showing construction techniques have been hidden from us by the control grid that always seeks to lock-up our minds for control purposes. Perhaps it is coded in that which we can see?

  20. stopjunkscience says:

    @0pocketpenis0 The stone probably wasnt carried from Wales…its a govt agenda myth! Geological earth movements could easily have put the sarson stones close to Salisbury Plain! With patience and time the job could easily have been done by men who were connected with the earth/universe that supported them.

  21. stopjunkscience says:

    @angie7dino Good comment… there’s a hell of a lot of stuff thats beeing hidden from us. Why the American World Police…. Why Israel breeding Mossad Assasins used by many Govts around the world (911/7-7 bombings London…JFK…John Lennon…Martin Luther King…Michael Jackson? Why the cover up with the newly discovered building in Egypt? The return of Serfdom is well on the way…why? Well, think back to ancient Egypt. Thats how it was then!

  22. stopjunkscience says:

    @carmelzer Perhaps the Coral Castle Fiasco was an illuminati stunt to keep us guessing about the Pyramid myths?

  23. stopjunkscience says:

    @damir505 Perhaps the great pyramid was built by extra terrestrials years before the egyptians decided to adopt them and to pretend they built them. Hence no construction details!

  24. MimmaMaia says:

    @damir505 : Absolutely right, did you already try to drill a hole in granite with an ordinary widia wall-drill ? I wish you good luck !!
    @ everyone : Is the copy, token in the video at the time 4:20, a copy of a scan from the pyramid ?
    Grtz, MM.

  25. shawnmccori says:

    Actualy it might have been water that they piped up to the top. Or when it rained it filed the water resavors and allowed workers to use it to push and pull to the top. Or like a damn struture fill it up and the giant brick rises.