Echte sociale Dynamics – Transformaties

On 30/10/2010, in overige, by admin


Preview van RSD’s DVD serie Transfomations.

Klik dan hier voor het eBoek van Jonathan en Oscar - koop het nu vrijblijvend met 30 dagen, niet goed geld terug garantie (100% gegarandeerd)

>>> Slechts € 39,97 - Klik Hier <<<

Met 30 dagen niet goed geld terug garantie - probeer het dus nu uit!

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20 Responses to “Echte sociale Dynamics – Transformaties”

  1. DenisBuchirin says:

    There are no words exept FUCKING CLOOOOSEEEEE!

  2. nokia3210fuck says:

    I’ve borrowed the DVD from a friend and I was just blown away of it.
    It not only helped me with the girls but in other parts of life as well.

  3. LoveSystems says:

    Great team of guys.

  4. Raao1 says:

    “I lay on my side and my tits form a CLIVAGE!”
    These guy are crazy.

  5. vicko267 says:

    damn… the thing that Ozzie said ‘If a woman is moving you…’ :/ last night I had a great thing going with this chick I know from college, everything was going smooth right until the point we were in a bar and she grabbed my hand and started leading me to the dance floor, how 1 little thing can mess up all the previous foundation built

  6. Waldituned says:


  7. RupturedJ says:

    The best team ever

  8. neorade says:

    T he Blueprint changed my life!

  9. MorockanMe says:

    This Dvd ROCKS it Will change ure world Trust Me .

  10. scuzzulus says:

    lol fuckin tyler…i never know if he is choking up for real or just putting on a show. good advice all round though.

  11. razryan says:

    @Bluefire5 hahaha

  12. Bluefire5 says:


  13. truestyleoutlaw says:

    Gonna have to pay for the dvd =)

  14. TyShep06 says:

    its the champ chump shirt

  15. RELISIX says:

    100% cotton i’m sure.

  16. Minkki82 says:


  17. freshest007 says:

    lets make this transformation happen :D

  18. ilovemingers says:

    By doing. You but the DVD series, they walk you through it. It is a slow process. You don’t become a master of this overnight. But over a few years anyone can become the champ they want to be.

  19. darragh1980 says:

    anyone know what the tshirt tim is wearing??

  20. vanillahunk says:

    Champ and and chump…very good analogy…but how do you build the belief so you can be the champ?