DE kunst van het verleiden [6 / 9]

On 28/10/2010, in overige, by admin


Koreaanse film Acteurs: SON YE JIN Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to “DE kunst van het verleiden [6 / 9]”

  1. phinkgirly says:

    she talks, she looks and she won ^^

  2. Koreanime says:

    theyre so perfect for eachother is funny.hahaha

  3. penceylala says:

    is that stalker her husband?

  4. MarchMulberry says:

    HAHHAHAH This movie has absolutely made my day. I think I should start watching Korean movies on regular basis. FUN =)

  5. acourtial says:

    why? do you understand korean? lol!! just read the subtitles you fucking hitler’s baby!!

  6. acourtial says:

    why? you understand korean? lol..just read the subtitles…

  7. daisaigai7 says:

    she’s lying. in fact she’s the hottest girl of south korea. =)

  8. kalliopi028 says:

    So funny xD
    What deos she eat at 2.45 to 3.00 (+/-)? o_O
    it’s look like …”strange” xD

  9. Kiljan137 says:

    this so funny it makes up for the audio messing up, it feels good to laugh.

  10. aznboy9186 says:

    horrible audio sorry thx for the movie

  11. natakalt says:

    Hahahaha love it when they are both on the phone “talking” to the phone.

    Great movie!!

  12. romanticlilia says:

    how can that guy blocked their credit cards
    i wonder how he didi it

  13. melmelzz says:

    aHAHAH this movie is just so funny man..cracks me up

  14. RainyRaven says:

    lol better than mr and mrs smith

  15. BZ99 says:

    this MOVIE is great!

  16. anlojo says:

    haha i love this movie