De 21-verdrag Video 4 Rockin AFC Adam Lyons

On 29/10/2010, in overige, by admin ‘s werelds tweede beste PUA spreekt op De 21 Convention 2008. Zie meer gratis video’s bij Klik dan hier voor het eBoek van Jonathan en Oscar – koop het nu vrijblijvend met 30 dagen, niet goed geld terug garantie (100% gegarandeerd) >>> Slechts € 39,97 – Klik Hier ‘s werelds tweede beste PUA spreekt op De 21 Convention 2008. Zie meer gratis video’s bij

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25 Responses to “De 21-verdrag Video 4 Rockin AFC Adam Lyons”

  1. TheMistercrowley says:

    who the fuck is this douche to have the right to talk shit about mystery
    you piece of shit
    you’re not even a pick up artist you fucking phony

  2. AnaPosti55 says:

    Hi brother needs to chat a, Asian women

  3. MegaPhoenixBird says:

    Adam Lyons is a SCAM artist.

    Google Adam Lyons SCAM.

    His teachings are a lie- on top of a lie, on top of another lie.

  4. channelin says:

    this guy is a scam. type in google no joke

  5. channelin says:

    this makes no sense:
    even if you had abundance, if you wanna pick up a new girl in a club or whatever, you still need to use an opener, mid game and then get the number. so his point about not using openers and routines is contradictory.

  6. SirHappyThe1st says:

    Mystery had broken down female psychology and the art of attraction down to a science this guy, AFC Adam just spent his time inviting women to events and calling it “entourage game” what an overrated idiot.

  7. moose894 says:

    A real natural can walk into a room BY HIMSELF and BRING THE PARTY. A real natural has abundance no matter where he is. Abundance is a mind set. People can sense your confidence because of your ABUNDANCE MENTALITY. Not because you walk around with 5 women all the time (sounds like a gay guy to me). I LOVE the huge catch 22 this guy is throwing. “Yea I can teach you how to get good with women, but first you have to get good with women.” What a bunch of crap.

  8. Gouryella91 says:

    I love the idea of bringing at least a couple girls to bring/sarge with. It forces you and people who want to sarge with you to have/make friends with not just guys but girls as well.

  9. MegaPhoenixBird says:

    Google “Adam Lyons SCAM” or “Adam Lyons Rip Off” or “Adam Lyons should I spill the beans?”

  10. MegaPhoenixBird says:

    @lilvjdude (with thumbs up rated comment) Its called “lying”. Only community dweebs actually believe this bullshit (even when PUAs shoot them int he foot. i.e. I got 5 “girlfriends” but can’t get laid).

  11. djis291 says:

    i dont realy understand that bundance stuff, because if you were out with 10 girls or more, the other people will think you are gay….
    somebody could answer this ¿?

  12. channelin says:

    this is great, he’s digging around the surface but isn’t solving the core issues;
    1) where do you start
    2)how do you get 10 girls

  13. rsaini1 says:

    The thing is he quit his job and sarged all day everyday. If you sarge 10 sets a day for the entire week, with above average talent, you could easily get 5 girls to say yes to come out on the weekend with you. That gets the ball rolling towards a social circle of girls… most people find it hard to try due to AA and the letting go of quick results to achieve a longer term goal.. most people don’ t have that much persistence and patience. We just want to sarge and win, then go into hibernation.

  14. AllKillA says:

    Everything he says is somehow ripped from Mystery, he just makes it looks easy by reducing everything to 3 points. On the same time he is misinterpreting peacock theory and thus making fun of Mystery. Peacock theory says, that you should wear something COOL and OUTSTANDING, like a cool hat, what actually works amazingly well, but it never said to be wearing a penis behind your ear ! Duh… This dude is good, I know that, but he’s messing with Mystery, who analyzed every freakin part seduction.

  15. Kensei1234 says:

    @lilvjdude they’re called friends, they’re nota that hard to get…

  16. Under21convention07 says:

    @pamirperdeci You come to Stockholm for The 21 Convention this June. This place has a ridiculous number of hot women!

  17. pamirperdeci says:

    the thing is i lost my abundance because i moved to a new place. How do you get abundance?

  18. forcystus26 says:

    Guys, Theory does work. There are certain ‘rules’ or ‘principles’ in attraction. The routines, openers and games are just there for a foundation. After a while when you get really good, you start to form your own routines, your own ‘style’. You begin to see patterns etc. So please don’t blow these PUA’s off, they give valuable advice. And no it isn’t necessary, but it is POSITIVE for your game. I used this sort of shit, and yes, it does work. Most guys are AFC’s, this is their solution.

  19. PureJockPureBrit says:

    OK, with the basis of this video centred on bringing your female friends clubbing with you, I’m stuck already.

    I study civil engineering and there are 4 girls in the class of 50 and they’re not really the type who go out that often. So how can I start getting more female friends? Sounds daft. However I used to have plenty but they drifted away from me as they study another subject.

  20. MuayThaiViking says:

    @funkyrimpler uhm what? MM is just one method, and its not like the ”father” of all other methods. feels like you started of reading the game, and then became a huge mystery-fan. gunwitch is COMPLETELY different for example

  21. dlhsax says:

    @whyldephaier don’t think so but 07, 08 and 09 are on the u21 convention site for free

  22. impalingsabo says:

    what is sexually escalate?

  23. wj77wj says:

    dude you got a monkey tits

  24. caveboy0000 says:

    ability to esclate sexually

  25. THeEraSerr says:

    want a shirt like that :P