David DeAngelo’s Man Transformation – David Wygant. P2

On 30/10/2010, in overige, by admin

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DOOD AAN PICK UP lijnen! Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “David DeAngelo’s Man Transformation – David Wygant. P2”

  1. 1pokerknight says:

    @downfan1 ya i’d worry about that first lol

  2. jayraq114 says:

    that is so true I’ve stopped caring what women think and if I get shot down at a bar I just move on to the next one and I’ve actually had more success this way just going around talking to women I’m more confident with my approach another thing that helps me is at the end of the night I ask myself what went right and what went wrong

  3. eaglemihnea says:

    there is a bit of downfal1 in everyone right? so who cares? women are not the shit, a lot of girls have lied to me about jobs and family, one told me she thought i wouldnt sleep with her if she didn’t. we are all tring to figure it out but it would be a waist not to enjoy our lives because of something so trivial

  4. admboy09 says:

    is it seriously that hard for straight guys to meet girls? BE YOURSELF. u dont need seminars like this to help u realize that. its common sense

  5. reddupo says:

    This guys got mad motherfuckin ethos. He is such a great speaker. He preaches owning a woman from the get go with confidence like every other “guru” but he demonstrates that confidence when he talks but no one else does. I’m so impressed. I want to go check out his materials now.

  6. cortezforever says:

    @downfan1 same as me, i even have to play it down because of that, i don’t want them at my mum’s house. we’ve got to get our shit together.

  7. jamese201 says:

    This guy makes sense.. im a student of David X and basically he makes it even more simple.. Basically stop tryin to think about what a woman is thinking.. cus its IMPOSSIBLE!.

    Rule 1:stop caring what women are thinking

    Rule 2: you are the most important person in relationship…

    I now have a fantastic relationship with a gorgeous girl cus of those 2 rules

  8. Jeaazy says:

    The 1 guy who gave this video a thumb down breaks a womans thought every time he can.

  9. Riste1986 says:

    @downfan1 Don’t worry about the job, if you don’t have car say that you will pick her up with your bicycle i do that its great if you do it with confidence and i live with my mom and you should not worry about that too. if you are confident with who you are girls will love you. CONFIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. loopedregression says:


    Tell her that.. and then say.. “but hey baby.. I have an 8inch penis…” THAT should compensate :P hahaha

  11. Greatmk says:

    @downfan1 you got no problems dude, the only problems you have are those you made up in your mind, start thinking positively of your self and start valuing and respecting your self more and the rest of the world will, especially women

  12. enzarto says:

    @downfan1 same here, dont worry about what you lack man. just work with that you got

  13. sperdoch says:

    loooooooooool @ 6:30

  14. xgraffxlegendx says:

    Wisdom spills from his mouth. DEATH TO PICK UP LINES!

  15. kansaimagic says:

    I’ve been a bachlor for over 3 years and just recently met this nice lady. The only problem is is that I have to get out of habit and not give her money after sex hehe.

  16. nascarunlimited says:

    @jamese201 – I agree. When I was single this was the best. Even with my girl it is great.

  17. nascarunlimited says:

    @downfan1 – What are you going to do in the future? If you are still 40 and that is your life… You fail… but if you are in college, and GOING to be an engineer, doctor, or communist dictator… A woman won’t want to be with a guy who has nothing going for him…. at least not in the long run.. unless she is a loser also.

    Also… Who cares what she thinks you are the man and your opinion matters.

  18. phaobr2 says:


    You can use all that to your advance. :)

  19. cardmastad says:

    man one day i hope to be half as good as this man, he knows his shit

  20. Bugattiman1011 says:

    steven wright reference = awesome
    david is 100% right by the way

  21. WickedG5150 says:

    6:00-6:05 is funny as shit!!! baahahahahaha

  22. RwwITheCoderI says:

    @truestyleoutlaw Ye, ^^

  23. truestyleoutlaw says:

    @RwwITheCoderI its easier in highschool!

  24. truestyleoutlaw says:

    @downfan1 get a friend with a place !

  25. jamese201 says:

    thats the problem.. were too busy “thinking” use David x’s rule of “who cares what she thinks” problem solves.. ur present then. in fact it needs to be changed to “who cares what anyone thinks” cus people and society place too much important on perception. no wonder people find it so hard to be themselves.. cus half the time people feel like they have committed an offence to be their natural selves and go after what they want