David DeAngelo’s Man Transformation – David Wygant. P1

On 29/10/2010, in overige, by admin


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25 Responses to “David DeAngelo’s Man Transformation – David Wygant. P1”

  1. truestyleoutlaw says:

    @bestplugins its something your create inside your head

  2. dyckmanhustla05 says:

    His names DAVID

  3. bestplugins says:

    What about real love, and not just flirting on a disco?

  4. xoni20 says:

    we gotta kill the drunken monkey… !

  5. yodukagontas says:

    Hi brother needs to chat a, Asian women busizz4me.info

  6. DIVINATORY says:

    A true Alpha male….. This guy knows his stuff, thanx David!

  7. shin9074 says:

    @urpis99 lol

  8. TheGrooves says:

    Powerful stuff!

  9. crazybones2009 says:

    This guy is amazing!!…he knows exactly what he’s doing, and look at that body language and confidance he has..

  10. slim240293 says:

    Well, that’s confidence! :D

  11. AaronSchwartz100 says:

    I do not see you as a pickup artist. I see you as a guy who truly understands women. The advice you give is the best out there. I know that whenever a girl rejects me i get really pissed off and it affects my next approach. thanks for this vid. you are the man. I hope to see more videos from you in the future.

  12. MrBeerbug says:

    One of the problems when I do what this guy says is that I become her friend instead. She automatically think of me as a cinfidant and then the drunken minkey reapear5s. I spent two horrible years chasing a girl this way.

  13. urpis99 says:

    Hmm now i know why i am so good with talking.

  14. katzynka says:

    @Andoni666 in my case it’s David W., Adam Lyons and Zan :)

  15. BonafideChild says:

    David Wygant is the fucking MAN!!

    I didn’t know that David D and David W were buddies O_o

  16. Andoni666 says:

    @katzynka yea David W, David X and Vin Di Carlo.

  17. legitamatethursday says:

    Is there a little bit of Dane Cook in this guy you reckon? lol

  18. davoisakoollord says:

    I get what David means about the energy. Women have a sixth sense, they within the first ten seconds what you are to them; the more I discover from this guy the more confident and assured I feel, as a result the more I find girls melt before me, with almost very effort. The more of those reactions I get from women the more confident I feel. Its a cycle. Great teaching.

  19. GsBBoyDan says:

    @trwilli24 He’s been into this stuff longer than them.

  20. alexzracer2008 says:

    Gotta watch this again.

  21. WickedG5150 says:

    @trwilli24 i think he is better..

  22. trwilli24 says:

    @HarryStreeter i feel ya but what these guys are teaching always comes down to the same thing which is be confident in yourself and outgoing and you can’t go wrong.

  23. HarryStreeter says:

    @trwilli24 yeah definitely man, that’s the beauty of the community. There are so many guys preaching good stuff that you can pick and choose which ones you like

  24. trwilli24 says:

    @HarryStreeter i like what he’s preaching, but some other guys are good too

  25. HarryStreeter says:

    @trwilli24 yeah bro. You can tell what he says is good shit