Adam Lyons Top Tien Dating tips

On 29/10/2010, in overige, by admin


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21 Responses to “Adam Lyons Top Tien Dating tips”

  1. decanted says:

    I like the tip on scoping the ‘date location’ out first, I’ve been caught out with that before. Took a girl to a bar I thought would be nice, and turned out on that Thursday night it was a fancy dress party…fucks sake

  2. therorysnake says:

    He’s married! Ah i find it weird i’m actually happy just knowing he tied the knot.

  3. davidsafc says:

    Adam is the man

  4. Andybaby says:

    who ranks PUAs… and how?

  5. AFCAdamLondon says:

    You’re sooo welcome man!

  6. falcomat103 says:

    I dont understand Nr.2….?

  7. Tourouken says:

    Advice 10 Is Great…Need More Vids…

  8. SpacedTime says:

    You wont hear it said simpler than that.
    It makes sense when you know it.

  9. rsaini1 says:

    Adam is the best. Need more videos!

  10. holland307307 says:

    i told and showed a friend of mine this video, then got him to go out, now after 3 weeks, he has his 1st ever date! from him, cheers adam!

  11. renniks13 says:

    Solid advice Adam, Love the background of the Business office. Where did you get that t-shirt? Miami is calling!

  12. mortonhill says:

    Wow he is working for the Daily Mirror now. This guy has come so far within the past three years. He does have a big advantage in knowing about this stuff though which is a degree in pyschology.

  13. metalhaze1982 says:

    great tips, very straightforward and common sens… neat!

  14. Lightfingers19 says:

    Heya Mano, congrats on the new world ranking of number two as of this week.
    These are the good basic tips folks, this is a guy who knows his stuff.

  15. yogadude7 says:

    great overall tips Adam,tip 1 especially important :)

  16. iiammthewalrus says:

    The Truth is that Adam is ranked number Two in the world as of a few weeks ago. In reality he is number one. Thanks for the awesome advice Adam, rock on!

  17. seanmastercoolpua says:

    basic solid tips Adam, should come in handy for guys new to the dating scene

  18. vikashkanani says:

    As ever….great advice Adam!!! Having met you at Super Summit i know that you are the real deal and things like this just keep consolidating the fact that you know your stuff!!!! Best of luck!!

  19. sean1306 says:

    Some great simple straight forward tips there Adam, good stuff for beginners only starting out to get the ball rolling.

    To everyone else, this man is extremely wise in what he does. listen to him. He’s in the top three for a reason! :D

  20. ClarkePhoenix says:

    This information is very useful! This makes sense.thanks

  21. BristarUK says:

    Good stuff their bro, top advice!