Woman Goes Nuclear At California Town Hall Meeting

On 22/09/2010, in dating, by admin

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25 Responses to “Woman Goes Nuclear At California Town Hall Meeting”

  1. jnwpse says:

    @Phi1618033 She probably knows nothing about economics, but shes asking for someone to solve the problem with the unaffordable insurance prices. She wants a plan for more small businesses to be open so that they can compete against the giants. What she really said in a nutshell was, “Help the army of small businesses fight against Wal Mart. Stop making it easier for them and harder for us”. What else she didnt realize though is that Wal Mart has money , which = political power in corrupt govts.

  2. SatanicDoomElf says:

    This woman is amazing! I can’t believe she came from California!!!

  3. Uncle99B says:

    Imagine being married to this shrew

  4. JayPull85 says:

    Is the Tea Party movement even real?
    Think about it. . .All you know is what you see on your T.V.
    Who controls whats on your T.V.? Your Television is the biggest Disinformation Campaign ever!!!
    The Tea Party movement is promising “change” from the Obama administration
    It’s always about “change” remember that is what Obama promised. Starting to see a pattern here!!! Sell to the people “change” and you keep them happy and calm. . .and then when you get in office you do whatever you want

  5. cooperbry says:


  6. vintagevic1 says:

    @icecoldsenddown Does that answer your question? Indeed it does. TY.

  7. icecoldsenddown says:

    They have good schools in poor neighborhoods. They are private schools that are forced to offer good serveice and fair prices BECAUSE OF COMPETITION.
    If you are for poor people you are pro market economy.

  8. icecoldsenddown says:

    Just look at healh care where people have to buy health insurance at the company store and get overpriced junk. No compition. high prices, lousy service, Then look at competitive cash markets like plastic surgery and laser eye surgery that are forced to offer quality service and fair prices. No $1.00 asparins at the plastic surgery center like at the hospital.

  9. icecoldsenddown says:

    She is absolutly right. Competition drives down prices charged and drives up quality of products and services. The profit motive forces companies to provide a quality service or product to stay in business and keep customers and bring back repeat business. If you are a monoply you can charge high prices and provide crap service and people have nowhere else to go. Does that answer your question?

  10. digitallando says:

    @sgibbs1989 We need reform, such as abolishing Medicare, Medicaid, FDA, and the monopoly of AMA and medical licensing, and get rid of all taxes and regulations, and all of government.

  11. Phi1618033 says:

    Spoken like a woman who knows nothing about economics. There’s no such thing as competition between insurance companies, because insurance isn’t a product. Insurance is a hedge on uncertainty, which means premiums are based on actuarial tables, not resource scarcity. Opening up insurance to competition doesn’t lower its cost. In fact, it increases cost, because the combined overhead for all the firms becomes redundant! Anyone with a modicum of economics education would know this.

  12. pavilionking06 says:

    This idiotic woman obviously lives in a hole somewhere. Does she honestly think insurance corporations who’s #1 motive is profit are going to do the right thing for people?

  13. therockinghorseguy says:

    My hero!

  14. critter505 says:

    @packetscan I’d love to see you give one as well.

  15. critter505 says:

    @packetscan Come on already! “Fox news, fox news, fox news…” Sounds like another talking point to me. Just from a different side…..

  16. packetscan says:

    @chargers2566 How is she right? why is she right? I’d love to hear that explanation.

  17. packetscan says:

    @critter505 Because all she did was recite Fox news Talking points. She obviously can’t think for herself. otherwise it wouldn’t sound like we just watched a fox news anchor.

  18. Suffersosweetly says:

    her breath stank

  19. critter505 says:

    @packetscan Still not a reason, just another rude comment. I’ll ask again, without malice or anything but genuine curiosity. Why?

  20. chargers2566 says:

    she is so right!

  21. packetscan says:

    @critter505 Dude really? if it’s not obvious to you.. Climb out of your basement, oh i mean your fox news Haze of reality.

  22. Litigatorcat says:

    Exactly right!

  23. killyoulikeapig says:

    that was great

  24. ArGyProductions says:

    Thanks goodness for England’s National Health Service…
    Deluded sheep

  25. sgibbs1989 says:

    I love these anti- health care reform people! First, because of their ignorance, and second, because they think “if I speak louder maybe they’ll listen”… no, your just an ignorant asshole with a big mouth!