Top Mistakes For Online Dating Profiles

On 11/09/2010, in dating, by admin Complete dating let’s make your profile effective and bombastic! Thanks to all the v’stars in this video! add me: love, music Video Rating: 4 / 5 Klik dan hier voor het eBoek van Jonathan en Oscar – koop het nu vrijblijvend met 30 dagen, niet goed geld terug garantie (100% gegarandeerd) […] Complete dating let’s make your profile effective and bombastic! Thanks to all the v’stars in this video! add me: love, music
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Top Mistakes For Online Dating Profiles”

  1. stanginsel says:

    Actually that was very sound advice! Thanks!

  2. StoneCold75 says:

    @vanae12 Well I still venture to say that the hot ones are in the minority…all they have to do is walk to the supermarket and they will get hit on 20 they dont need to go online

  3. vanae12 says:

    @StoneCold75 with busy lifestyles now, online dating is one of the best ways to meet people outside of bars and clubs. 1 out of every 6 new marriages resulted from meeting online. so yes, even hot ladies use online dating. i know a bunch!

  4. b29349 says:

    I don’t want help with my profile, just you an dI can go out.

  5. StoneCold75 says:

    Im noticing that at least on the cute girls are on there but not paying the subscription fees, so basically they cant send or recieive any emails from guys…which tells me they are just not serious and or cheap asses. is free, but the problem there is the cute girls are gold diggers..and the unattractive or heavy girls are desperate. .Ask yourself this guys, if your a hot chick, why would you need online dating…answer is they dont..

  6. MrPatron79 says:

    women are so demanding on these sites. thats why we have to throw in some b.s. in the profiles in order to get some responses. just put something like your income is over 75k a year and those responses will come along.

  7. MrPatron79 says:

    @Raspout1981 yes they are. 2 thumbs up for your post here.

  8. Muco808 says:

    huge turn off in a dating profile ”im just here to look for friends”…i dont think i need to say more

  9. danlfc1983 says:

    Things I see most is too many I am’s. I am this, I am that, I do this, I do that.

  10. Karza00 says:

    god your so hawttttttttttttttt

  11. etran1213 says:

    second the only pictures of YOU. friends are a no-no — duh they know you have friends. But do they want to date your friends? no. I also don’t want my face on someone else’s online dating profile! The profile is about you, so show pictures of you. I just went on a date with a guy who was great, except for when he opened his mouth! Nasty teeth. Deal breaker.

  12. GovtWantsYourMoney says:

    I like it when a hot girl makes a video of how to be popular on a dating site. Show me someone less attractive that can do it!

  13. xAutumnKiss says:

    vanae can u tell me whats the song used at 0:42 cause i always hear it in bubzbeauty’s vid and i wanna get it

  14. Raspout1981 says:

    Made a test with eHarmony.

    1 real profile, good picture of me, nice natural smile, outdoors (and im good looking). Put in the real job infos about myself, did not write any text. Got no comeback in a month.

    1 fake profile, no picture, BS infos, 100K+ salary, lawyer, no text and i got 7 request the first day and more following days,

    Could that mean the dating sites are just full wemens who are single cause they are so demanding they live in a dream ? That would rule out this method for me !

  15. vanae12 says:

    love yah too doll :)

  16. skrevan19 says:


    that’s because they are dumb and not worthy of a message

  17. shinobzin says:

    I Love You!

  18. maxs2d2ace says:

    dont show your kids or other guys. i mean, come on.

  19. d3vilr0ckspolos says:

    I HATE when a chick has that their single but all over their profile they say they’re “in love” with someone.

  20. TsT13Norman says:

    this is my 2nd favorite hair cut of yours, the first one is in the video how to make girls interesred.. =)

  21. WillmaticNYC says:

    Biggest mistake i see are
    1. Too many pics of the same pose but in like every angle possible.
    2. Photoshopped edited pics. That shine and glitter won’t make a difference.
    3. No smile. Smile is important. Even a silly pic of your ass on the ground laughing while a dog lick your face coved in peanut. Priceless.
    Hope that was helpful.

  22. skrevan19 says:

    Good photos of a person is obviously the most important. * I DO NOT AGREE * with the people saying not to have pictures of yourself with others or pets… Why would a person not have pics of their friends and pets with them? They are part of their personality and who they are. I agree having an excessive amount of pics with the opposite sex is not a good idea but are you saying I cannot have pictures of me and the boys playing football or shootin pool?

  23. Saddock says:

    We can say everything we want but physique counts, more or less depending on the person but it counts…and I myself contact girls that have a profile that sounds good BUT that are pretty for me. I don’t have igh standards for girls, personality/charm make most of it.
    Between a beautiful girl boring as hell and another medium one but with great personality and feeling I choose the medium.
    Of course I wouldn’t say no for a night with the boring one but that’s all ^^.

  24. Saddock says:

    I have a pretty good experience on dating sites…too long to explain here but one thing is you also have to “aim” person of a level you can afford.
    I’m not a handsome guy, more a regular guy and I get girls more thx to my personality than my beauty.
    3 year ago, I aimed 4 girls on match,scored with every one on the? first night we met (and they were not ugly ones but not sex bomb either).Relations lasted from 1night,3months and 2 years and a half for the fourth one,she just broke up though :((

  25. dancedj2k2 says:

    pictures, pictures, and more pictures. it can’t be stressed enough. and good , clean, crisp photos of YOU!! dont put your dog, cat, horse, bird, etc pics on there alone. NEVER have another person in the photo with you, especially of the opposite sex. NEVER put your KIDS on there, no matter how cute and wonderful they are. Always update your photos and profiles as much as needed. each month rotate photos and change the ad.

    I take FREE photos for people in my area for their ads.