The Seduction of Christianity Part 2 – Self

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Dave Hunt & TA McMahon SELF – Can the meaning of life be found in the center of man’s being? Or is our value and purpose to be found in Christ alone? (30 minutes). The Berean Call PO Box 7019 Bend OR 97708-7019 Orders only 1-800-937-6638 Uploaded by permission from The Berean Call Quotes […]

Dave Hunt & TA McMahon SELF – Can the meaning of life be found in the center of man’s being? Or is our value and purpose to be found in Christ alone? (30 minutes). The Berean Call PO Box 7019 Bend OR 97708-7019 Orders only 1-800-937-6638 Uploaded by permission from The Berean Call Quotes by Evolutionary Scientists Against Evolution – http Live broadcasting with instant message – KJV1611 Bible –

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25 Responses to “The Seduction of Christianity Part 2 – Self”

  1. secondbible says:

    christianity is a slave-master system like the gorean slave-master system, it’s about ‘daughters of men’ bowing down for the ‘sons of god’, the nephilim, which are fallen angels incarnating as ‘men of power’ – genesis 6. the bible is a fallen book, exposing itself.for example the 666 satan thing can be traced back to the throne of solomon in the old testament and his yearly goldharvest, this number was already in the OT, and solomon’s wealth is what tele-evangelists use as excuse to rob the poor

  2. netelsg says:

    Therefore, Jesus your Lord say in James 2:17-26. Faith without work is dead and useless.

  3. netelsg says:

    Philippians 2-12
    Therefore, my dear friends, …continue to work out your salvation …

    Everyone must work out his own salvation.

  4. netelsg says:

    Matt 6:33 “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

    Have anyone found your K.O.G. yet?

    Where is it ?

  5. netelsg says:

    Matthew 7:21 Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.

  6. netelsg says:

    “I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High – Psalm 82:6
    John 10:34 Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods’?

  7. NeoOneOrg says:

    People get the physics of perception misconstrued due to the inability to understand the relationship, many people use words they dont understand

  8. atessmann says:

    I would say is the worship of the perceived-self and not the real-self. I would say that the real-self is the image of God in us. Jesus was the image of God and His spirit live in us now, so it is not wrong to look inside. When I look inside of me I see Christ. If our reflection to the external world are not the fruits of the spirit, then you can say that your self is still yours and not transformed by the spirit of Christ. What we need is the transformation of the self, not worship.

  9. atessmann says:

    What is nice about Jesus is that He is the personification of the Truth. The Truth does not exists in this world that we see. Truth is not a thing you can prove, it is something you can experience and live. So a true life is a life lived in the true way, which is the way of grace, love and mercy preached by the Nazarene. Also death is not real for the ones which are born again, because spirit can never die. That’s why you can know everything about science, but still miss the Truth.

  10. Mekelsior says:

    It is true that the Bible does not speak about everything, it is but a book that contain some of all knowledge. Yet what it speaks is true for it speaks about Truth, Jesus. The way, the Life and the Truth. If we have Jesus in our lives we will be guided by Truth and the Truth shall set us free. Free from what? From the deceptions that are in this world, the fear of the afterlife, the immortality of the soul the belief that God is evil.

    I think you have thought this trough, I like that. :)

  11. Mekelsior says:

    You are correct, given our natures however it is easy to hate. This is why we must die to self all the time and to be humble. The world today refuse to follow Christ, but is not our task to bring judgment over them. God said “If you love Me, keep my commandments”. The question is about love and about nothing else. If I love you with the right form of love I would not do anything to hurt you if I can avoid it, but I would correct you if I see you are walking the wrong path.

  12. atessmann says:

    He gave us the spirit of truth, to guide us into all truth. Some words spoken by the spirit of truth are in the bible, but not the whole truth about everything. With the testimony of the bible, we are able to know the way. So the truth is a spirit and should be know as experience with God, and not with knowledge of this world. What we know as this world is just sensorial perceptions and science is the analisys of the illusion of our perception. So only God, alone, is truth. :-)

  13. atessmann says:

    Exactly, that’s why if you tell that the truth is in you but you hate your brother – including atheists and pagans – it means the truth is not in you and you are a liar. I see too much hate in the christian world today and not love.

  14. Mekelsior says:

    We are closer now Kigawman than we were when you posted your post, yet the world is moving more and more away from God, yet believing they are following His commandments. The EU constitution that was signed in Rome under the statue of the Pope contain Sunday Blue Laws begging the people to obey the Law of their “god” yet Jesus called for Sabbath observance the 7th day. It is not an issue over a day, true but about our love for Jesus over the love for a man wearing a miter.

  15. Mekelsior says:

    Dave Hunt does have a lot of knowledge, but we must as Christians always pursue the Truth wherever it may lead us. Babylon has fallen the Bible declares, it is time for the Christians that were captive to depart from every doctrine that were embraced by their captives. The two major doctrines that are prevailing is the doctrine of the immortality of the soul and Sunday observance. Neither are taught in Scripture.

  16. Mekelsior says:

    God is in the Most Holy in the heavenly temple, but at the same time His presence is near us if we are near to Him. If Christ is in us it is as the Bible states, impossible for us to sin.Our sinful nature must die by our faith in Christ that He is victorious over sin. If He lives in us then our lives will reflect this. Our nature on the other hand is against God and thus God must change us, we can only agree to this by accepting Christ every day as both Lord and Savior.

  17. Mekelsior says:

    We don’t know everything that is going to happen with us, the faithful, just that God will impart on us immortality. How God does this is a mystery. To be born again is not some magical moment that you can look back at, it is an ongoing process that happens when you give your life to Christ day by day, step by step and moment by moment. God Is, so He knows everything, He gave us the basic instructions before leaving earth, the Bible. Study it prayerfully. :)

  18. atessmann says:

    Yes the soul is not immortal, but I think it can became immortal when we are born again in the spirit. Upon which foundation our celestial body will be constructed? Our memories, and the people we know. Where all these things are recorded?

  19. atessmann says:

    The point is to know where is God now. We are temples of God. Christ in us. So what the self is and what ego is. Maybe what are you talking is about the ego and not self.

  20. tadomega says:

    Dave Hunt is one of the best authorities in apologetics and occult discernment. I loved watching his programs especially dealing with Yoga which is very coherent and accurate.

  21. Mekelsior says:

    If only they would come to all truth, and accept it. We must never harden our hearts and stick with traditions we hold dear just out of convenience.

  22. kigawman says:

    It is also interesting to find that all of the secular and humanistic movements stemming from the New Age to the New Atheists come from the root foundations of earlier eras. I find that some of the pre-feminists in the 18th and 19th century had some inspiration from romanticists who perverted scripture to produce such damnable heresies! Sadly, these people also came from the roots of the Enlightenment and going back deeper to the garden of Eden!

  23. kigawman says:

    To all sincere Christians. May we please pray for God’s Mercy into this dark and sobering times.

    The world is drastically changing and I do believe (If Youtube plans to shut me down, let it be so!) we are now at the last of the last days. Let us take heart of what Our Lord has said “8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8)

  24. PEDROCLASSIC says:

    when was this recorded anyone know. i assumed maybe around the mid 80s. both tom and dave still look healthy here. i pray that they may still continue to CONTEND FOR THE FAITH and expose the truth

  25. Mekelsior says:

    It is interesting that you mention Blavatsky, she was the origin of the theosophy society and the mystery cults. She coined the beginning of luciferianism in its modern shade, later she was followed by ladies such as Alice A Bailies. I believe many of the front figures of the woman movement were also deep into the occult. To follow this hidden story is sure to put a white face on many sceptics. Luciferianism is the worship of self, being filled with the spirit of lucifer aka the devil.