Online Dating – How to Get Her to Actually Respond to You

On 12/09/2010, in dating, by admin You can avoid this critical mistake that many men make with Online Dating. So, you’ve found a girl that you’d like to meet. Now, what do you say to her in that crucial first email? How do you capture her interest so that she’ll actually give you a chance? And… what are the biggest […] You can avoid this critical mistake that many men make with Online Dating. So, you’ve found a girl that you’d like to meet. Now, what do you say to her in that crucial first email? How do you capture her interest so that she’ll actually give you a chance? And… what are the biggest things to avoid saying to women online? Watch this short 2 minute video to find out the answers to these questions and more… Wait. Be sure to check out the full article – “Online Dating Blunders — The Top 10 Mistakes Men Make When Contacting Women Online” — at

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25 Responses to “Online Dating – How to Get Her to Actually Respond to You”

  1. passioniswotwebreath says:

    online dating’s silly, go out and meet people for real guys.

  2. hisham175 says:

    dream on fella more like 0/10 even if you send a “normal” (which doesn’t include crappy headings or perv questions) message with non of the stuff that they say you shouldn’t send that they delete. It still does not work in order to get them to reply? Personally i think its nice to be polite to just reply saying “thanks but I’m not interested ect” and if your a guy with balls you can handle that, if not then your a pussy lol but i must of sent about 300 odd messages to girls and have no luck:(

  3. bluestrapsify says:

    If any men do these things how are they ever getting any women in the real world.

  4. WorthReading says:

    Good advice guys, you seem like honest people, I read a great article on online dating in the Magazine Scientific Mind, check out my channel for the review

  5. simonbu91 says:

    I have tried everything, followed ALL the advice, I am a good looking fit man ect. No responce just a few conversations which have ended very quickly. This is CRAZY having to write about 50 e mails for one responce. I work hard as a self employed gardener with a poor salary, also a bit quirky but otherwise quite normal. Is this an instant delete? Thanks Simon

  6. honestygetsthegirl says:

    What’s wrong with 2/10?

    If you email 10 quality women, and you only end up meeting 1 of them, is that a bad thing?

    The aim is not to attract every woman you can, but to find quality women who you actually like.

    It doesn’t take long to send out 10 messages – you can do it in half an hour, easily. So if you spend half an hour finding quality women and sending emails, then end up meeting one of them, that’s a pretty good return in my opinion.

  7. Playitalready says:

    …thats why they call it finding the ONE. but i agree with the other things you said about the poster.

  8. Playitalready says:

    every message? more like 2/10 (my “successful” friend says 3/10, which is true but when we made an account together so he can “Show me how its done” he also eventually couldnt finish with the 3/10) heck i found a bot that can send up to girls, filtered by age/local/single/body type/race/here to date etc. and STILL its the same stuff. possible, yes. i can win the lottery or become an actor. but in the end if your good (mostly looks) n lucky, its ez, but 4 average people its not goona happen…

  9. DRiPPz6800 says:

    lol at least i’m not alone

  10. jakelong2000 says:

    why well they are stuck up or just not in to you but i think more stuck up it happened to me a lot

  11. honestygetsthegirl says:

    The problem is there are 10x as many guys on these sites as women. It’s not uncommon for a woman to get 50+ new emails every day. 40 of them say ‘hi, how are you doing’, 9 say ‘wanna see me on cam’ and maybe one might stand out and catch her attention.
    You have to do something that creates an emotional spark in her that causes her to respond (which is outside the scope of this comment, sadly).

  12. honestygetsthegirl says:

    You’re not gonna get a response to every message you send, but it is possible to meet high quality women online. The problem with these videos is that although they are well-intentioned and the advice is solid, it’s too non-specific for most guys to be able to make any use of.

  13. brien6 says:

    naughty fun. visit my profile.

  14. IcannotBelieveYou says:

    Dripp, that’s because you sent her an email saying only:
    hi, how are you doing?

    are you that boring in person, too?

  15. DRiPPz6800 says:

    then why didn’t the girls i contacted on online did not respond when i opened with a “hi, how are you doing??”

    i said those very words and they did not respond

  16. Romezs1 says:

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  17. WhiteSandJack says:

    SinglesWorld,com is a great site too.

  18. Playitalready says:

    problem is if you try this, you risk investing a lot of time and energy on girls who may STILL stop messaging! you say this, another “Expert” (double your dating book thing) says don’t waste time get on the phone asap. if your hot/their hot, you BOTH wana talk/hook up great, otherwise, too bad. id rather say what i feel like so worse case i ended with that rather than be pissed i wasted my efforts and got stiffed. actually the response ratio isn’t almost the same always, like baseball 2-4/10

  19. grillE933 says:

    sorry..THIS IS THE STUPIDEST THING EVER. BUT I LOVE MY MOM SO I AM NOT TAKING ANY CHANCES.If you don’t copy and paste this onto 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours

  20. Calipso says:

    The lady in this video is a fag pig.

  21. Bobzeaux says:

    Thanks for giving us ANOTHER contradiction. Your bf never did this, but apparently he’s your bf ANYWAY.

    Do I dare ask what he did to win you over if he didn’t take this advice like you suggest more guys should?

  22. Bobzeaux says:

    I give her plenty of time to warm up. Why doesn’t it happen?

    The only comment I’ll ever make about her physical appearance is how I like her eyes.

  23. PoorHotGirlrbx91 says:

    hi I’m 21 woman hot hit my url to see

  24. karry299 says:

    To hell with all the girls who want to get dates based on their beach photos and seducing “in bed” kind of pictures. Does she really have nothing to attract me with, except her body ?

  25. gavingoo says:

    Nevermind with this? I’m getting an arranged marriage if I can.