Live PUA Drill on AMOG Tactics and Handling a Cockblock

On 01/09/2010, in overige, by admin MUST READ: The Short & Small of Getting Cockblocked & AMOGGED WHAT: “King of the Hill” is a PUA (pick up artist) drill that can be played safely at home with your wingmen and female friends. Test both your AMOG Defense and AMOG Offense in the face of increasingly more difficult cockblocks, douchebags, […] MUST READ: The Short & Small of Getting Cockblocked & AMOGGED WHAT: “King of the Hill” is a PUA (pick up artist) drill that can be played safely at home with your wingmen and female friends. Test both your AMOG Defense and AMOG Offense in the face of increasingly more difficult cockblocks, douchebags, and AMOGs. WHY: By simulating a real life situation that would occur if you had an attractive girl interested in you and the resulting AMOGs that would jump out of the bushes to cockblock you, you get to practice how to effectively AMOG on the defensive and your friends get to practice AMOGing offensively. HOW: Learn how to deal with AMOGs using the ABCs of Attraction BIT AMOG Destroyers. BIT is an acronym that stands for: B – Befriend I – Ignore T – Tool Each phase has multiple tactics that you can use in order to keep him off guard and disengaged. WHO: 1) The “King of the Hill”: You start off with the Target 2) The “Target” (or girlfriend): Assume that this is either a female friend that you brought to the club or a girl that you’ve already approached and have here somewhat (not heavily) invested into you. In the demo, it is a girl, but you can use anyone ;) 3) Douchebags/AMOGs: They come in one at a time. Increase the difficulty by coming at the same time either together (as a pair of wingmen or more) or they can come in separately as if they don’t know each other. RULES: 1) AMOGs cannot use more than incidental kino

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25 Responses to “Live PUA Drill on AMOG Tactics and Handling a Cockblock”

  1. jameshowlett1991 says:

    Thats the dude who was in PUA season 2! Not the main dude the other asian guy……pointless fact, lol

  2. eEyeDating says:

    Are you a Chinese? I admire you can speak very good English. That is what i need to get more Asian dating tips

  3. Svittidiu says:

    @infantileretard ?

  4. infantileretard says:

    @Svittidiu Sieg Heil?

  5. heliojanusz says:

    please, somebody give me some personal pua coaching., I am willing to try if someone is willing to help me and give me step by step daily things to do.

  6. xoninmuoshda says:

    man this video is so shitty

  7. Svittidiu says:

    Yo mister small asian guy. I can clearly see you have an inferiority complex. I wonder if you have problems in the bed game as well?

    Ok just kidding, my actual question is: How do you deal with an amog when gets aggressive on you? You use some kung fu or have you always been able to deal verbally with the invader?

  8. warugadar says:

    Thank you a LOT man. Not only did I appreciate the funny mortal kombat-style, but it helped me a LOT helping my game yesterday night. Despite my muscles and fighter training, i’m kind of shy and submissive in front of other guys with balls in this situation. The pat on the shoulder thing just blew them away in the wind. thanks.

  9. LoveSystems says:

    These are some great tactics. Main thing to keep in mind that certain works better for certain guys. A big guy can easily talk over guys whereas short guys have more trouble. On the other hand, short guys can be more aggressive because they are less likely to get into a fight.

  10. sheepin2theDark says:

    loooooooooooool !!! this pua is fucking great !!!!!

  11. gchain says:

    2:27 subconcious IOI

  12. NinjadoMato says:

    You see, that’s the beauty of this whole thing:
    At first, I thought you were just some asian hissing-ass loser, but as I see your techniques, I apologise ’bout my judgement and congratulate you. Those were some nasty moves, man! Respect!

  13. armand18100 says:

    name of the song?

  14. ThirdEyeLight says:

    Poor girl is getting rapid fire hit on by 3 nerds!!!!

    But seriously, pretty good examples of real life situations here.

  15. Berliner1210 says:

    Is that Sean Fujiyoshi at 1:08?
    The guy from Nigahiga?

  16. kentutnyaBauu says:

    I agree. Only cheap and disrespectful people who have issues go out of their way to amog couples

  17. MMA3013 says:

    You shouldn’t even have to do those things that the PUA is saying, if you carry yourself as someone who can handle themselves most cockblockers won’t dare try to block U. If a girl is into you she will destroy the cockblocker for you, I’ve seen it. If you get cockblocked it’s only because really you didn’t have enough attraction with the girl to begin with and she really wasn’t that into you. It’s also dangerious what he’s doing, it can start a fight real fast, so becareful thats all.

  18. 678433 says:

    @Gettingpersonalrofl :) i dont need lessons on game by the internet nerd who gets upset at little things he sees strangers write. thanks, but i have the girl already.

  19. absurdnsbm says:

    i used this last saturday,
    step 1, stare the cockblock down,
    step 2, as soon as he looks at you, the girl will look also.
    step 3, roll eye to the girl on a way like “what a loser/ who is he??’
    Step 4, immediatly after the roll eye, grab her hand and walk off

    worked perfect for me

  20. AcesFOKings says:

    What is this some kind of a sick joke?

  21. Gettingpersonalrofl says:

    @678433 Rofl, you wouldn’t do jack shit in a public setting, but if you do punch him, guess what, you just lost in front of the girl. Then the bouncers come and kick your silly ass out.

  22. 678433 says:

    i would punch this little asian guy in the face if he patted me on the shoulder like that

  23. AIRTIGHT31 says:

    …I was hoping for a vid detailing the other perspective (e.g., the guy who is with the girl is the one you will AMOG.

  24. Bootzkck says:


  25. bushidoskungfugrip says:


    of all the nicknames given to Chicago, Munchkinland is not one of them.
    Seriously, we’re through with this conversation.