Kino Escalation – Mystery Method PUA Pick Up Artist Style

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Kino Escalation – Mystery Method PUA Pick Up Artist Style Video Rating: 4 / 5 Klik dan hier voor het eBoek van Jonathan en Oscar – koop het nu vrijblijvend met 30 dagen, niet goed geld terug garantie (100% gegarandeerd) >>> Slechts € 39,97 – Klik Hier

Kino Escalation – Mystery Method PUA Pick Up Artist Style
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Klik dan hier voor het eBoek van Jonathan en Oscar - koop het nu vrijblijvend met 30 dagen, niet goed geld terug garantie (100% gegarandeerd)

>>> Slechts € 39,97 - Klik Hier <<<

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25 Responses to “Kino Escalation – Mystery Method PUA Pick Up Artist Style”

  1. CaioPUA says:

    @DaBizNOS Man, it’s not about getting sex or not being virgin anymore, it’s about how socialized can you get! How much social skills (from human’s naturality) you are using in your life.

    Getting more sex and more women is just a consequence, the first thing we must change about our selves is our behavior inside the society!

  2. crazydragun1 says:

    @ggggrrranyname Sean stephenson is an example where you have to look if that is what you belive. Being the best you is all you can do and if you want something bad enough you learn how to get and then do so.

  3. gforce43 says:

    hi check out my channel under channel comments for the link to watch season 1 episode 1 of VH1 the pick up artist. Im going be uploading the rest soon.

  4. llectrofish says:

    @ggggrrranyname hahahaha.. why? cuz im right? i think u know shit about the whole pua world.. nice that u have big muscles btw

  5. ggggrrranyname says:

    @llectrofish you’re an idiot, best of luck to you.

  6. llectrofish says:

    @ggggrrranyname no.. u dont need to be a 10, u need to feel like a 10.. think about it, how many ugly guys are walkin around with a hot girl? For women, its the look that counts, for men its the personlity that counts.. if u have big muscles and ur pretty, but ur a wuss, women will maybe have sex with u, but at the end they’ll dump u

  7. ggggrrranyname says:

    @llectrofish you can do anything you want. All I’m saying is… women are really not that difficult to figure out. They want to have sex with us as much as we them. So, let’s think… say you want an attractive woman in your life, a 9 let’s just, a real hottie, but you yourself are only a 6, don’t you think it’s time to go to the gym and lift some weights? Maybe ask for that promotion so you can make more money. Attractive people fuck other attractive people. If you want a 10 you need to be a 10

  8. llectrofish says:

    @ggggrrranyname dude.. he is the nr. 1 pua in the entire world, and ur sayin he’s a joke? He tries to help people who aren’t good with women, thats not a joke to me.. i didnt read his book, but i def will. this guy knows where he’s talkin about

  9. therister says:

    What’s this got to do with kino escalation?

  10. LoveSystems says:

    The 7 hour rule and freeze outs are outdated techniques for overcoming last minute resistance (LMR). These all date out of 2000-2003 era. Nowadays we teach more effective ways overcoming LMR and of course how to prevent it happening in the first place.

  11. Gyro911 says:

    @Keaton47 Sorry man but, not only do attractive chicks not like odd looking guys but they completely ignore them as if thye dont exist.. BTW as part of this BS program a guy needs to go out clubbing at least 4 days a week.. Who the hell has time to do that? i guess getting fired from your job for morning lateness is also one of the requirements of this program unless a guy is a loser without a real career. Also BTW thats a deal breaker for most attractive girls

  12. ggggrrranyname says:

    Mystery, I’m sorry man… you’re a joke. Your program is a joke. Your career is a joke. “the game” is in your head. And to all Mystery’s followers: you need to wake up. Go to the gym. Smile. Say “hi” to the girl you like. Spark up a conversation you think she would be interested in. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Please, stop wasting time. I wasted enough time reading the stupid book.

  13. jkbon155 says:

    the “you hijacked my brain ” part is absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!! i used it on a girl the other night and it worked GREAT!!!!!! mystery is the man

  14. Keaton47 says:

    @Gyro911 chicks dig odd striking looks

  15. MELLAD4 says:

    i didnt really wanna say this
    but i made myself look like a retard when I did lol :@
    the girl doesnt even talk to me anymore.

  16. Gyro911 says:

    @Ktv1 its not about picking up, if your a dork your never going to change your physiology to a women no matter what lines you throw at them. Only way your getting a hot broad with those attributes is with money and she’ll still dump you for the gardner or the pool boy

  17. Ktv11 says:

    @Gyro911 You have no idea do you :)

  18. Tiars666tiamat says:

    @necorosamanueldiogo Because you can get laid every night you go out and you have girls calling you and sending you messages all day? And if you do, most people don’t

  19. BenNCM says:

    He totally reminds me of Ken Wilber. I bet Ken gets mystical amounts of punani!

  20. Gyro911 says:

    @DarrellPeel So have I

  21. DarrellPeel says:

    obviously they dont laugh at him. He has slept with more women than you could ever dream of. :)

  22. DarrellPeel says:

    The master

  23. Gyro911 says:

    Whats up with those aviator goggles. I bet girls laugh their ass off behind his back

  24. TheMidwestsBest says:

    i got a link to this video because it said I watched a video called “farting at the mall”. wonder how that happened..

  25. JayIvory87 says:

    where does the karma factor come into this? How do you do it in a way that you don’t take advantage of the girl? Btw, I have no experience so go easy ;)