He Is Legend – The Seduction (Live)

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SCHXC Floor Show featuring He is Legend Klik dan hier voor het eBoek van Jonathan en Oscar – koop het nu vrijblijvend met 30 dagen, niet goed geld terug garantie (100% gegarandeerd) >>> Slechts € 39,97 – Klik Hier

SCHXC Floor Show featuring He is Legend

Klik dan hier voor het eBoek van Jonathan en Oscar - koop het nu vrijblijvend met 30 dagen, niet goed geld terug garantie (100% gegarandeerd)

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25 Responses to “He Is Legend – The Seduction (Live)”

  1. thebluemuff says:

    I miss when He is Legend was actually good. I am Hollywood = best album ever! I stroke it to Dinner with a Gypsy every night!

  2. MorrisonHotel87 says:

    Talked to McKenzie the other day at a guitar shop, cool dude. I miss the good ol’ days of He is Legend.

  3. straightXjessedge says:

    Why did they have to break up?

  4. brarig219 says:

    There is a reason that dude’s name is “poophead”….lol

  5. poophead86 says:

    His vocals are much more dirtier in that ablum than in IAH. It’s a very aggressive album

  6. mikeportnoyfan says:

    it is a good album, really good, too bad some of their older fans don’t like it that much since he doesn’t scream

  7. guttermoth says:

    I saw them around this time.

  8. Bearshy says:

    Hahahaha. Your assumptions are not only pointless, but wrong. I absolutely love everything He Is Legend has done. I Am Hollywood not only is amazing musically, but lyrically. It Hates You, while amazing musically has only a few songs that are lyrically good.

    I love the get down feeling of It Hates You. The drums and bass rule that CD and I love it. In my opinion, Schuylar’s lyrics were better in I Am Hollywood and I am all about lyrics.

    I apologize for the brashness of my first comment.

  9. poophead86 says:

    Whatever dumbass….
    IAH is great but it hates you is even better. you’re probably one of those stupid fucks who get down on them for changing their style since IAH
    grow up u fucking ignorant

  10. Bearshy says:

    I realize this is your opinion, but your opinion is shit.

  11. poophead86 says:

    Their new album is 4 time better than i am hollywood
    a masterpiece

  12. Etidfan87 says:

    I think they rock regardless bands and people grow older and change it happens too EVERYONE if it stays the same you end up blowing like metallica. I miss the old legend but love the new legend any true fan sticks by instead following trends(breakdowns).

  13. darren50416 says:

    i like how theyre just bouncin with the song at the beginning and then BAM song starts

  14. HexicNexus says:

    fucking sick

  15. jim642 says:

    How pissed would you be if people didn’t appreciate any of the new stuff you’re writing, and only came to your shows to hear songs that you’ve grow completely bored of playing?

    “Oh Noes teh nu album haz n0 br00t4l breakdwnz, they sux now.”
    I know I wouldn’t be up for playing to a crowd that thought that.

  16. ATHODrew says:

    Petey P was the illest.

  17. vegadomis32988 says:

    they should have kept mackenzie he added more full nes and adams older solos were way better

  18. sheXXflatlines says:

    but that petey pablo NC intro they do a lot is legit as fuck

  19. sheXXflatlines says:

    dude. he is legend used to be a good band. there hometown guys so i knew them before they were even he is legnd and were “uriah omen” saw them a few weeks ago when they came home and it BLEW. i left half way through the set

  20. jtz0 says:

    this is quality !
    what happened to the i am hollywood video at this same venue?

  21. MorrisonHotel87 says:

    I saw that tour in VA. He IS Legend were in their prime during that time, now they’re kinda ehhhh. I mean I still love them, but they’re live show gets worse and worse every time I see them

  22. SparksKane1 says:

    these guys were sick live when touring with from first to last and halifax about 4-5 years ago.

  23. downburst says:

    I have to say when i saw them they where amazing like.. truely amazing…allthough this was back when they where touring for I am hollywood…I think alot of stuff has definatly changed since then ( Schuylar’s blown voice, McKenzie Bell leaving etc) so I could definatlly see them not being the powerhouse they used to be. having said that i am hoping for the best with the new album, and if they come to vancouver I will be there front row hoping the he is legend that blew me away will show up!!!

  24. GFSRocker7 says:

    raise up by petey pablo

  25. notclayreeves says:

    you guys are fucking stupid.

    this band rules.

    i am hollywood//worst song they have ever written.

    grow the fuck up faggots