Confidence in the Online Dating World

On 20/09/2010, in dating, by admin One important tip on coming across as confident when meeting people online Video Rating: 4 / 5 Klik dan hier voor het eBoek van Jonathan en Oscar – koop het nu vrijblijvend met 30 dagen, niet goed geld terug garantie (100% gegarandeerd) >>> Slechts € 39,97 – Klik Hier One important tip on coming across as confident when meeting people online
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Confidence in the Online Dating World”

  1. ammodomini says:


    Initiating contact via video seems like a good idea. you would just have to make it equally as convenient as a text message.

  2. TedvanBrakel says:

    What if she dosen´t answer you when you say “Hey” or something for some reason, (When both are online on MSN).

    Should I wait and ask again after one hour, five hours or try again the next day?

    Or should I say something different to her?

  3. southsidebaby17 says:

    by this point in your dating, you guys would have had alot more time to get to know each other, find your common ground, and have established some sort of connection wich has made it easier for both of you to have long conversations, other then the initiate getting to know each others interest, and will also be happy on the third date! thanks 4 reading

  4. southsidebaby17 says:

    girls thrive an the mystery of wat the guy is all about so dont tell her your life story! if she ask about you answer her question after she done switch the conversation to anything else, back to her if you like. since the girl dosent know all about you wen you ask her out on that second date she will look foward to it again a lot more so, than if you told her all about yourself already, and there is not much to talk about.

  5. southsidebaby17 says:

    eaxactly! do you know that your also alot more likley to have a second date with the women b/c 1. your a great listener,!and i dont mean your a great listener b/c you stood there still as a wall and didnt say a word, but b/c you would reply to her properly and asked her a little more of wat she was talkin about. and 2. if you played your cards right you still hvaent told her all about you.

  6. DreamGal478 says:

    I’m more in it for a balance. I don’t want to be liking the guy way more then him liking me, I don’t want to feel clingy or too dependent. Both people need to talk & listen, have a good time. If I’m doing all the talking, there’s something wrong there. I want to know the guy I’m with. I usually get to know other people anyway.

  7. makaku777 says:

    yup women always said this “I want a guy who’s not as much into me as I am into him” so if she likes you like 80%, you like her for like 20%. Lol that balances it a little bit. ahahahaha and let her do most of the talking and take it slow and surprise her a lot

  8. Blankname101 says:

    1 out of 8 couples met online.

  9. 1cup2noobs says:

    i will never go for online dating..its for geeks..and nerds

  10. DreamGal478 says:

    I hear you on that one lol It’s a turn off when the guy is more attached then I am.

  11. Mariogirl16 says:

    Pick on her a bit, try having a playful fight (tickling wrestling, etc), and try to relax for future reference. ;) Oh and try not to get more attached than she does at first (huge turnoff for chicks). :P

    But good luck on future dates, dude.

  12. levistheman says:

    this guy is prolly pimpinn all over the city dude u remind me of hitch

  13. swansandtyphus says:

    I was using a general example of the stuff that women talk about. I was not saying she was going to say anything about horror movies or Hugh Jackman or anything else. What I was trying to tell you is that when a women is talking about anything at all she brings up the subject because it affects her emotionally. To effectively communicate you talk to her on the same emotional level.
    Well if she is into hand sizes and your hand size matched hers and she was hugging you then go for it buddy.

  14. DeadSilence2009 says:

    I went on the date today and she likes me alot but she never brought up the horror movie or the hugh jackman thing or whatever.. and best part is shes shorter than me and im tall lol and we both have same hand size coz she took my hand and pressed it against mine and we match does that mean anything im not good on dating scene and she kept hugging me LOL

  15. swansandtyphus says:

    When you go on a date with the girl, do not talk about anything except her interests and her feelings about movies, music, sport or any other subject and spend most of your time listening and relfecting back what she just said.
    For instance if she says “Hugh Jackman is a hunk” you could ask “You find Hugh Jackman attractive becauset hat’s the kind of masculinity you value in a man?”
    If she says “I hate horror movies” you can say “You dislike violence because you are gentle.”

  16. DeadSilence2009 says:

    lol.. I personally do not care for skinny girls no offense to them just not my taste.. Plus I never try to hit on anyone and i never get hit on LOL…. woohoo yay me!!!

  17. DeadSilence2009 says:

    I just subscribed im going on a date this week and im nervous LOL…. the girl ive been talking to says she likes me and all but we shall see how the date goes… your helping me out bro thanks..

  18. julie1300 says:

    humor, not overly confident, somewhat shy, positive attitude….I think the qualities that attract women are as individual as the women themselves…..:) I think most women deplore arrogance, self-righteousness, bigotry, and overly aggressive men. Maybe it’s the same for men….

  19. SkinnyGirl125 says:

    There are a lot of girls in online dating, the thing os that almost all the men are trying to get the attention of a FEW women who get hit on repeatedly. If a guy wanted a nice girl he could find her easily. It is the skinny b’s that ignore you that you all chase after instead.

    P.S,. your so hot!

  20. KumandanteRaymundo says:

    If you are trying to get a girl expect so many rejections, awkward situations before you can find a few.

  21. Suzanne42 says:

    Do you get women easily? What’s YOUR dating situation? Has it worked for you?

  22. ARMORALLL says:

    totally agree. if you want to get a girls attention you can’t do the same thing everyone else is doing.

  23. kaz287 says:

    lol what happened to all the comments down there? they all got thumbs down. I don’t wanna know lol good vid.

  24. goldragon988 says:

    Awesome advice, I use it myself all the time. Although it should be noted that smilies are there mainly to express your tone and gestures where plain text can be interpreted in different ways. So, for a girl that’s really into the whole internet pop-culture thing, you may come across as gloomy or passionless if you don’t use smilies.

  25. juswolf22 says:

    true the real popular chicks on myspace dont reply much…..i just usually send the most randomest stupidest things i can think of and about 6 or 7 times out of 10 they’ll reply back w/ a laugh and the convo goes on from their