Approaching Women: The No-Risk No Chance Of Rejection Approach

On 12/09/2010, in dating, by admin Approaching Women The No-Risk No Chance Of Rejection Approach. What if you knew how to approach women so that you had NO fear of rejection? This simple technique can be used today to meet a woman tonight! For more FREE tips and advice on how to eliminate your fears and approach anxiety with women, […] Approaching Women The No-Risk No Chance Of Rejection Approach. What if you knew how to approach women so that you had NO fear of rejection? This simple technique can be used today to meet a woman tonight! For more FREE tips and advice on how to eliminate your fears and approach anxiety with women, visit
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25 Responses to “Approaching Women: The No-Risk No Chance Of Rejection Approach”

  1. NikolaKovski says:

    I open youtube and I see this crap!!!! i CAN’T BELIEVED THESE GUYS! LOL

  2. joanofarcxxi says:

    @SteveB2126 it takes one to know one. ;)
    it’s been a while…how’s business, David?

  3. MooseOfReason says:

    @miamiforlyfe Which one are you?

  4. miamiforlyfe says:

    @joanofarcxxi only nerds need couches like un athletic people need trainers to train in the gym.

  5. keescuzican says:

    muy nigga kno what he tlkin about lol

  6. SunnyBananaView says:


  7. koolever3 says:

    @323rab nah dude, some guys just didnt learn, i met my best friend at a seminar. we are both in commited relationships and happier than can be

  8. 323rab says:

    hahahah i know i have no game…but going to one of these things makes u look like a bitch lol

  9. joanofarcxxi says:

    looks like you can’t tell the difference between an asshole and a woman. if the shoe fits, wear it. was I talking to you? no wonder you guys all need a coach…not getting much luck with your lack of skills. bye bye.

  10. Punchatori says:

    @joanofarcxxi If it’s helping them so profoundly in other areas of their life than perhaps it isn’t a disorder. One person could be completely psychologically healthy and never reproduce. Never passing on those healthy qualities.

  11. SteveB2126 says:

    If you think that people who need dating coaches are morons,you are not just a moron but an asshole.

  12. joanofarcxxi says:

    if you need a “dating coach” you’re a moron. any questions? :)

  13. DjKDM7000 says:

    @joanofarcxxi Not taking anything personal. I’m just trying to make people wake up and see things at a deeper level as much as possible, but without getting too far off topic. As far as the question whether or not I have anything else to do, well um…. technically, yes, but as far as I’m concerned, NOPE. Not THIS weekend! Why? Because I choose not to. Therefore, I have all the time in the world.. within the next 1 hour 20 min.. to comment / reply on every site I wish :D

  14. joanofarcxxi says:

    @DjKDM7000 hahaha! don’t you have anything else to do? ;p chill! don’t take it so personal. what do you care about this video…unless you’re the guy in it? he talks about being an “alpha male” – so I tried to help anyone who is not sure what an alpha male is…YOU don’t have to agree with me, honey bunny! xo get busy. I have to. bye bye now. muah! X P.S. if you want to know how to seduce a woman, I can teach you. ciao, baby.

  15. DjKDM7000 says:

    @joanofarcxxi LASTLY: Saying you don’t fully get what is being taught here does not have anything to do with anyone’s intelligence level. It simply means that person does not fully understand the message being delivered in this video. Plain and simple. ..And for those of you who assume “Oh he typed in caps, therefore he MUST be angry and there can be no further explanation”, well… that’s your own limited thinking causing you to see it that way. (@EVERYONE: ) – Enjoy your day folks!

  16. DjKDM7000 says:

    I always find it funny when people are quick to complain and make judgements on things when they don’t even understand the full, precise detail behind it. This is just as absurd as what’s happening here in Phoenix with the whole immigration bill protests. “It looks bad, therefore I must protest..” LIMITED THINKING! NO RESEARCH! But anyway.. It’s up to the individual. Do they wish to learn the LAWS OF ATTRACTION, or continue doing what hasn’t worked in the past? It’s your choice people.

  17. DjKDM7000 says:

    @DjKDM7000 that ONE thing. I think those two examples of limited thinking and seeing only surface level are enough. But one more thing, because I choose to present it, even though I could be dating or washing my dog..etc. Saying I’m not a woman, therefore I could not know anything about women is like saying Biologists are human, therefore they could not know anything about animals. This is why people study science, psychology etc. to learn and detect what people cannot fully experience.

  18. DjKDM7000 says:

    @DjKDM7000 2. I must be a “mack” or “pro” because I posted a BRIEF SUMMARY of what I know on this topic, therefore I should be dating and HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO TIME to reply or comment on videos. NOT TRUE. If I choose to be on here watching storm chasers and notice I get comments and feel the desire to reply, then I will do so, regardless of whether or not I am a pro. IF I AM ON A DATE and choose to reply DURING the date…etc. I am not limited to ONE thing just because I’m currently discussing..

  19. DjKDM7000 says:

    @DjKDM7000 The type of responses I’m seeing. Now, back to limited thinking – let me make sure I clarify the meaning of that: 1. I’m a DJ, therefore this must mean I do not know or cannot be interested in other things. NOT TRUE. Just because my YouTube is geared MOSTLY towards DJ’ing, this does not mean I know nothing about psychology, meteorology, aviation,..etc. It SIMPLY means I chose to make MY YouTube geared towards music. This is the same limited thinking people use to vote at the polls..

  20. DjKDM7000 says:

    @joanofarcxxi PART 2: The Alpha Males paragraph ALONE shows that you do not fully understand precisely what is being taught here. Key words: “handsome” … “successful”.. And there is a specific reason why those words caught my attention. This has nothing to do with trying to improve your looks or successes economically- as I’m assuming you’re meaning success in terms of economics and finances. There is a purpose to these videos, but you’ve completely missed the entire point, based on..

  21. DjKDM7000 says:

    @joanofarcxxi You see – it’s this type of limited, small minded thinking that messes up our politics today. People can only see surface level and then make an entire judgement based on that misinformation. 1. Just because I am here, that does not conclude that I must be buying HIS products. 2. Just because I know certain things, that does not mean I’ll practice it 24/7 and NEVER have time to watch YouTube – ON MY OWN TIME. 3. well… enough with the “1, 2, 3,…” number system – See part 2..

  22. joanofarcxxi says:

    yes, what you said is of utter importance in here, right? I don’t give a damn if anyone “gets” what I am saying. take it or leave it, darlings. I don’t have anything to prove. you all have a lot to learn if you are visiting this page….now, why I am here? wouldn’t you like to know…that’s my secret. you think you will learn something from this guy… :) ….you think it will get you to score…

  23. joanofarcxxi says:

    Alpha Males: psychological report: only ten percent of affluent, handsome and successful men are emotionally and psychologically healthy. alpha males are narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, anti social and suffer varying degrees of histrionic personality disorder and conterdependent disorder. sounds like a winner?

  24. joanofarcxxi says:

    @DjKDM7000 mr. DJ, why don’t you get busy dating? why waste time discussing in here…go out there and practice “the formula”. yeah, you are just so deeply intellectual and think such great big thoughts, how can I understand (get) anything you say…so, you are here doing what exactly? buying his products? if you are buying anything from this man, good luck, I hope it works for you.

  25. joanofarcxxi says:

    @ but I am sorry to say: it won’t. if you haven’t figured out things on your own with life experience and a good dose of healthy self esteem that seduction is not based on some one size fits all “formula”, you will only behold an illusion. but hey, what do I know? I am only a woman with no experience nor intellect. people CAN improve themselves. that’s a nother chapter. got ot go.