2 tips for meeting women in bars you haven’t heard before

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www.practicalhappiness.com Two useful tips for meeting women in bars. Klik dan hier voor het eBoek van Jonathan en Oscar – koop het nu vrijblijvend met 30 dagen, niet goed geld terug garantie (100% gegarandeerd) >>> Slechts € 39,97 – Klik Hier

www.practicalhappiness.com Two useful tips for meeting women in bars.

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25 Responses to “2 tips for meeting women in bars you haven’t heard before”

  1. limedog133 says:

    Why waste money going to club and bars when you can find singles in your area! I approach women in my neighborhood and I love to flirt with them. I hate women who wears make up. I love beautiful women. I hate black women. I only flirt with white and Asian women because black women are ugly as hell. Thats why black guys bang and go after white and Asian girls.

    Trust me you know it and it’s true.

  2. dakotafanning1106011 says:

    Can somebody pleasetell me wat to say if I’m Ina line

  3. GFIRST2010 says:

    Wow, u are different as other chanal. u the one, the best chanel.
    this is message of Life. thank you!!!

  4. thomxAristy says:

    This is very idealistic. I read the Game, followed some of the theories put them to the test and worked out pretty well. First off just because girls sit next to you, it doesnt mean they’ll be forced to talk to you. You have to have something to say and it better be interesting. I like to ask their opinion on something because women loove to give it. it’ll involve a break up or a friend of mine having to go to a show to find about a secret admirer.. whatever. google openers. the game

  5. StoneinFocus says:

    @bbasher79 you never look like a loser, no matter what you’re doing, as long as you look confident in your actions. That’s just what i’ve found from personal experience, lack of confidence is the biggest killer, and women can see it from a mile away and are repelled by it

  6. StoneinFocus says:

    very astute advice. a lot guys have trouble talking to girls i think, because they see how the most prominent males, the alpha males, go about it, and they try to replicate that behaviour, when its much more advantageous to play to your own strengths.

    thumbs up

  7. chiQiboy says:

    i prefer women who CANT focus or hold a conversation.if there being sick,that helps too.

  8. SlowDaddie says:

    What I’ve done in the past is find a small bar, like a dive-bar, that only has a handful of people during the week. Not a danky, smelly bar like Moes Tavern, but a nice bar that’s small and not crowded. I’ll go to the bar and have a drink, but look “busy” on my phone, like I’m texting or e-mailing. If there’s a smoking section, I’ll have a cigarette (but I don’t smoke anymore so blah). Once 2 girls came up to me and I chatted with them, so it kinda works.

  9. thestaggie says:

    @SlowDaddie Yeah, that is a good question. My mates are all in serious relationships now and are under the whip, so they “can’t” go to bars or anything. I feel okay hitting a bar after work for a few beers but feel akward going by myself later in the evening. Get to the bar, grab your drink, then what? Stand around like an idiot.

  10. SlowDaddie says:

    basher that’s an excellent question. I get out of work late and I live in a city where I don’t really know a lot of people. Sometimes I drive home and I pass by the bars, and it’s full of people having a good time. I think, “I wish I could be part of that!” But then, I don’t really know many people, and the ones I do know wouldn’t want to do that anyway.

    How can you go to a bar by yourself, but not look like a loser?

  11. SeliendaSmiles says:

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  12. bbasher79 says:

    arkady39, i dont have anyone i know who likes to go to bars, but at times after work i feel like getting a beer sometimes. would i look like a loser going to a bar and sitting there by myself, or is it ok to go alone…i get out of work at about 10 pm. thanks please reply. i wanna meet new people but am afraid to look like a loser sitting there by myself.

  13. aaapilih says:

    Od kdaj so pa fanti še bli problem xDD

  14. Ko252 says:

    and then they puke all over you, and then you smell bad as well?

  15. blackforest270 says:

    The more women drink,the better i look!

  16. 250mxrider says:

    @ alton956
    his response must have been to the guy who said:
    Q:”What if you’re gay?”
    A: “Then just stay home and jerk off.”

    good advise :)

  17. alton956 says:


    dude im still laughing at your response, its soo fuckin random..classic though

  18. alton956 says:



  19. FASANORACING says:

    then dont move when the guys sit next to you

  20. dolph80550 says:

    good advice man. i like to be on the approach though. i’ll sit down on the last seat on the booth with a table full of girls. and just start making them smile. i go home with 3 or 4 numbers every night, and 2 or 3 rejections. the odds are usually in your favor if you have the game

  21. marksiempre says:

    I really find it amusing in his videos when he says “theese ees a meestake!” although dont get me wrong, his advice is pretty good because it’s just so genuine.

  22. krazyxtwisted says:

    then just stay home and jerk off

  23. nfs444 says:

    What if your gay?

  24. deejaystyle1 says:

    am very independent out in bars or clubs drink and chill is what a do if a girl sit next to me chat all i do is answer the questions and wait for her to ask what am doing tonight after i leave and balm just say well nothing atoll prob going to be walkin home myself :( then she will ether offer you to her place or ask if she can walk you simple as that. lol

  25. juicebowl says:

    For day game you can meet women just about wherever you go. The mall, grocery store, school/university, book stores, cafes and even the yoga floor are good places to meet women. The more you are out, the greater your chances of seeing someone you like and approaching them. Keep your eyes open because people are all over.

    Don’t forget that having a good social network is another good option for making contacts; you can have some of your friends, family or aquintances hook you up with someone.